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US-sponsored Israel Bombs Central Syria to Aid ISIS Terrorists, Again

Israel Bombs Syria - File photo - عدوان اسرائيلي على سوريا

The US-sponsored Israel bombed several sites in the central Syrian region of Masyaf shortly before the Muslims’ fast-breaking yesterday Saturday the 9th of April, the Syrian Ministry of Defense said.

A statement by the Syrian Ministry of Defense carried by Sana stated:

“At approximately 6.45 pm this evening (09 April 2022), the Israeli enemy carried out air aggression from the direction of northern Lebanon, targeting some points in the central region. Our air defense media confronted the aggression’s missiles and shot down some of them,” adding: “the aggression caused only some material losses.”

Local sources in the Masyaf area said that the targets were in the vicinity of the city of Masyaf, Masyaf is part of Hama province and is about 20 kilometers to the west of the city of Hama, it houses a couple of the Syrian Arab Army’s facilities, mostly for training like the Army’s Comptroller School and an air defense unit.

Syrian activists noted that the bombing took place on a Saturday, Jews supposedly observe the Sabbath – Saturdays by banning work and a number of activities, it seems war crimes are not banned by the temporary Zionists entity of European and Russian imported settlers, according to Britannica: ‘The biblical ban against work on the Sabbath includes activities such as baking and cooking, traveling, kindling fire, gathering wood, buying and selling, and bearing burdens from one domain into another. The Talmudic rabbis listed 39 major categories of prohibited work, including agricultural activity (e.g., plowing and reaping), work entailed in the manufacture of cloth (e.g., spinning and weaving), work entailed in preparing documents (e.g., writing), and other forms of constructive work.’

The timing of the bombing also comes amidst high tensions in occupied Palestine with the frustrated Palestinians carrying out attacks against the illegal settlers occupying their land and oppressing them, several Zionist settlers were killed and injured in these attacks and former Israeli PM Netanyahu was holed in his office a couple of days ago when a single Palestinian activist imposed a curfew over Tel Aviv’s busiest neighborhood and only was allowed to leave by his security after hundreds of Israeli heavily armed units killed the young Palestinian man Raad Khazem.

Israelis occupying Palestine and the Syrian Golan live in ghettos and in designated areas and are allowed to carry their machine guns and kill Palestinians with impunity, the latest brazen Palestinian attacks left them in a state of shock, panic, and insecurity, and their regime believes bombing a soft target in Syria would bring back some sense of security for its settlers.

Israel has previously bombed the same sites more than once, on Christmas Eve on 25 December 2020, and on 22nd July 2018, and always from over Lebanon, the high Anti-Lebanon mountains provide the Israeli fighter jets with cover to commit their war crimes in Syria and the accomplice of the Lebanese governments by refusing to procure air defense or allow the Syrian air defense to cover their country also help the Israelis move freely over their country.

It’s also noticeable that Israel has either disregarded the Russian continuous warnings of impatience over its repeated violations of international law and its blatant aid to Al Qaeda and ISIS terrorists in Syria by these bombings or might have obtained the approval of Russia to carry out these bombings, either way, the Russian military base of Hmeimim is not far from the site and path of the Israeli fighter jets missiles, in all possibilities, the Russians do appear in an embarrassing position in the eyes of the Syrian people who believe they can rely on the Russian support, the Russian presence in Syria was called in by the Syrian state to help in combating global terrorism sponsored by NATO and the Gulfies (mainly Saudis and Qataris), the Israeli attacks against Syria are direct help to the terrorists.

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