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US-sponsored ISIS Remnants Assassinate former ‘Rebel’ in Daraa

US-sponsored ISIS remnants kill former Al Qaeda FSA commander Amir Nassar in Daraa - بقايا تنظيم داعش المدعوم امريكيا تغتال عامر النصار القيادي السابق في الجيش الحر

Remnants of the defeated ISIS terrorist group sponsored by the USA continue their killing spree against Syrians in the southern provinces, mainly in Daraa, their latest operation killed a former ‘rebel’ commander along with a civilian woman in northern Daraa countryside Sunday evening.

Locals in the city of Al Hara in the northern countryside of Daraa south of Syria reported that a group of unknown armed men stormed a house in the town of Al Hara on the evening of Sunday 15 January and managed to kill Amir Nassar (featured image), a former commander in US-sponsored Al Qaeda FSA terrorist groups by an unknown armed group inside a house in the city. A civilian woman was also killed in the terrorist attack.

The victim Amir Nassar was a former commander in a so-called ‘Ababil Army,’ one of the largest of a plethora of terrorist groups funded, trained, armed, and controlled by the US-led coalition formed to overthrow the Syrian government. Most of these US-sponsored terrorist groups were defeated and dismantled when the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) liberated the southern region, the last of which was Daraa Balad in September 2021.

Members of the US-sponsored ISIS (ISIL – Daesh) terrorists withdrew from the region to the 55 kilometers zone protected by the US Army illegally deployed in the Al Tanf region in the furthest southeastern Syrian desert at the joint borders with Iraq and Jordan. The majority of the members of the terrorist groups joined the reconciliation process and returned to their everyday lives, most of them were forced to join the terrorist groups in the first place and have not committed any crime leading to the loss of lives.

Other terrorists who refused to join the reconciliation process, a couple of hundred in total, were shipped to Idlib in a deal struck by Russia with Turkey which in turn illegally occupies large areas in northern Syria including Idlib province where it continues to sponsor tens of thousands of terrorists of Al Qaeda, ISIS, and their offshoots and affiliated groups.

The ISIS terrorists who fled to the US Army-protected region continue their crimes against the Syrian people in the southern provinces of Daraa, Sweida, Quneitra, and the southern parts of Damascus Countryside province. When chased by Syrian security agents, the US Army in Al Tanf intervenes to protect these ISIS terrorists.

Local sources from Daraa say that the ISIS remnants carried out 54 terrorist attacks in Daraa in the month of December 2022 alone, 33 people were killed in these attacks.

The name of the civilian woman who was killed with Amir Nassar, however, some local sources said she works with the local authorities and the families of missing persons in the region. There were no further reports on the other civilians who were in the house in which this woman and Nassar were killed.

Amir Nassar was accused by the USA and its proxy ISIS terrorists of aiding the Syrian security agencies in locating stashes of weapons and ammunition hidden by the terrorist groups in the Daraa region. Nassar has earlier escaped an assassination attempt by a suicide bomber who blew himself up near him in April 2021 in the same city of Al Hara.

Nobody claimed responsibility for this terrorist attack by the time of this report, nobody needs to claim responsibility as there’s a consensus among all political analysts, law enforcement agencies, and even sources of the US-sponsored ‘opposition’ that these attacks are carried out by the remnants of ISIS terrorists.

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  1. Muhammad Turkmani

    This proves to the other followers of these criminal groups that once they join they will never be allowed to leave, like all other mafia and western spy, sorry intelligence agencies.


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