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Syrian Army Eliminates a Group of 12 Al Qaeda Terrorists in Idlib

Syrian Army Eliminates 12 NATO Turkey-sponsored Al Qaeda Terrorists in Idlib - الجيش العربي السوري يقضي على 12 إرهابيا من تنظيم أنصار التوحيد القاعدة اردوغان

Units of the Syrian Arab Army deployed in the southern countryside of Idlib eliminated a terrorist suicide bomber group from the Al-Qaeda organization that attacked advanced points of the army.

Local sources said that a group of terrorists of a so-called Ansar al-Tawhid attacked advanced posts of the Syrian Arab Army SAA focused mainly on the Mara Muhas village axis in the southern Idlib countryside and other SAA posts in the region using a wide range of automatic machine guns, RPGs, grenades, and suicide bombers.

The sources confirmed to Syria News that dozens of the attacking terrorists were killed, two of them, at least, blew themselves up trying to penetrate the SAA advanced barricades. The terrorists were identified as ‘Abu Obaida Numani’ and ‘Abu Jihad Halabi’ as mourned by their colleagues.

A statement issued by the Syrian Ministry of Defense conveyed by the Syrian news agency SANA confirmed the news about the attack:

“Our valiant armed forces heroically responded this morning to a massive attack launched by terrorist groups in the southern countryside of Idlib from the direction of Al-Bara – Kansafra towards Maarat Mohas – Al-Bureij, taking advantage of the foggy weather after intense shooting with heavy weapons at our forces’ points in that area.”

The statement went on detailing the attack:

“The terrorist attack lasted for hours, as a result of which the terrorists suffered heavy losses in equipment and personnel, and twelve terrorists were killed or injured, some bodies were withdrawn, including the terrorists’ leader, in addition to the confiscation of some weapons.”

Ansar al-Tawhid is an offshoot of the so-called ‘Jund al-Aqsa’ which in turn is an offshoot of Al Qaeda Levant (aka Nusra Front or Jabhat Nusra and recently was rebranded to HTS) which was founded by a Palestinian who moved to Syria from the US-controlled Iraq territories. Ironically, this group was listed by the USA as a global terrorist group in September 2016, which didn’t stop NATO from sponsoring its terrorists in Syria. The main sponsors of all terrorist groups in Syria are the NATO member states USA, UK, Turkey, France, and Belgium, in addition to Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Israel.

The escalation of the attacks against the advanced posts of the Syrian Arab Army in northern Syria protecting the liberated villages and towns is seen as added pressure by the Turkish madman Erdogan on the Syrian leadership to achieve a summit between him and President Bashar Assad which Erdogan wants to use as his main card for the upcoming Turkish presidential elections in mid-May, the optics from a summit joining President with Erdogan would be used by the latter to claim that he’s solving the Syrian refugees’ issues in Turkey and that he is shifting away from sponsoring the terrorist groups in Syria.

The pressure by the NATO Turkey-sponsored terrorist groups is also coming with constant repeated attempts by the Russian and Iranian leadership, and recently some Gulfies to help Erdogan to win another re-election.

Most of the Syrian observers, including the author of this post, are trying to understand the obsession the leaders of Russia and Iran have with the Zionist faithful servant Turkish madman Erdogan who proved to be untrustworthy, a psycho-war criminal, a flip-flopping hypocrite, a back-stabber, and a cheap political player, especially with these two countries, and mainly with Russia. Erdogan has still not fulfilled his commitments stipulated in the Idlib agreement since the end of 2018 which was guaranteed by Russia and Iran!

All of the above is topped with the fact that Erdogan is a NATO leader and both Russia and Iran know more than anybody else how unreliable NATO leaders are, the recent revelations about the insincerity of NATO leaders in regard to the Minsk Accords and the Iranian JCPOA should serve as eye openers for the leaders in Russia and Iran.

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  1. Muhammad Turkmani

    God bless the Syrian Arab Army every single one of them, how much more is required from them to clean the country from the herds of terrorists who keep showing up?! And all of that without proper rest and proper pay and they are always worried about their families… The whole world should be grateful for the Syrian people and especially the Syrian Army for the enormous work done to clean our planet from the harmful beings.


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