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Daraa Cleaning Update: 45 Additional Terrorists Shipped Out to the North

Daraa Balad green buses to evict ISIS and Al Qaeda terrorists to northern Syria

Daraa witnessed series of developments in the past 24 hours with the terrorists holed in its southern neighborhoods known as Daraa Balad stalling the implementation of the ceasefire and their buddies out of the area are escalating their terrorist attacks against the Syrian army and the civilians.

The second batch to be shipped out of Daraa Balad which was supposed to take place yesterday were evicted today, 45 terrorists and their families were loaded to the green buses and shipped to NATO pariah Erdogan of Turkey in the north.

These terrorists and those of the first batch are mainly not from the southern Syrian region at all, the first batch which was evicted the day before yesterday entered Turkey and some reports indicate they’re already on their way to Europe, the Europeans must rejoice now with the people they funded now coming to them, most of the terrorists removed already from Daraa in both batches are from the ISIS terrorist group which was serving as a buffer to protect Israeli settlers in the occupied Syrian Golan.

In desperate yet deadly acts to pressure the Syrian Arab Army to stall or completely abandon the plans to clean Daraa from terrorism, the terrorists escalated their crimes against the Syrian people and the Syrian army personnel, at least 3 terrorist attacks recorded in the past 24 hours:

  • A Syrian Army soldier was murdered and 8 others injured in a terrorist attack that targeted a truck carrying food to the Syrian troops. The attack, a roadside bomb explosion, took place on the road connecting Nawa and Sheikh Miskeen towns in the western Daraa countryside.
  • Judge Faisal Khalil Al-Awadh was killed in front of his house in the town of Nawa in Daraa northwestern countryside, the terrorists on their motorbikes shot the judge yesterday evening, the judge specialized in real estate disputes succumbed to his wounds upon arrival to the hospital.
  • Several civilians were injured at the Al-Saraya barrier that separates the Daraa Balad district infested by the terrorists and the liberated area when the terrorists opened fire at them from their barricades behind the barrier. The civilians were gathered at the Al-Saraya barrier anxiously awaiting the terrorists’ eviction to return to their homes occupied by the terrorists.

Whatever the attempts by the terrorists are to impede the implementation of the ceasefire agreement to remove them from the southern region, the Syrian Army had made the final decision to clean it and restore peace to this strategically sensitive region and to allow more than 50 thousand Syrians to finally return to their homes after a whole decade being displaced in other Syrian cities.

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  1. Muhammad Turkmani

    50,000 people displaced from their homes for 10 years, thousands are living under terrorists control, and NATO countries have gone mad why the Syrian army is liberating this area, this tells you how low level criminals are NATO leaders and sad to say the majority of their citizens who keep electing those leaders and don’t hold them responsible for the crimes they continue, nobody can be fool for all this time and for so many repetitive crimes.


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