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US Airlifting ISIS Terrorists & Massacring Syrian Civilians

ISIS Air Force - Team America - Syria - Trump - Obama

After exposing the relationship between the United State and the ISIS terrorist organization, especially in Syria, the US military dropped their caution in hiding their coordinating of the terrorists’ attacks to directly and overtly commanding these terrorist attacks against Syrians, contributing to most of it.

On 10th of November, this month, local sources from the Suweidiya village, Hassakeh, reported seeing US helicopters carrying out an air-landing operation and air-lifting 3 commanders of ISIS.

US forces maintain an illegal military presence northeast of Syria, it commands the illegal and unauthorized coalition of rogue states military operations against the Syrian state directly and by Kurdish SDF militias and Wahhabi ISIS terrorists.

The sources reporting the 10th of November air-lifting operation maintained that the 3 personnel uplifted were most probably ISIS commanders and were moved to an unknown location.

One month earlier to that operation, on October 7th, airplanes from the US-led coalition were seen transporting several multi-national ISIS commanders near the town of Shahfa, southern Der Ezzor countryside. ISIS operates in a pocket of land in that particular area.

A few days earlier to the October 7th, the US-led coalition carried out another air-lifting operation to relocate ISIS commanders from Murashdeh village, southeast of Der Ezzor.

Obviously, what the US is claiming it’s fighting ISIS in Syria is for media propaganda and local consumption among their foolish citizens, while in reality, the US is only cooperating with, if not commanding, the terrorist organization operations in the country.

One of the most infamous blunt and heinous such cooperation was the US fighter jets bombing in September 2016 of a Syrian Army position on Thardeh Mountain protecting Der Ezzor city from ISIS terrorists. The bombing resulted in killing 84 SAA officers and soldiers and the takeover of the strategic mountain by herds of ISIS terrorists waiting and ready until the US fighter jets finished the bombing.

While the US was actively moving ISIS terrorists around, its coalition’s fighter jets were more active in massacring Syrian civilians in the province of Der Ezzor, the latest was the indiscriminate bombing of the Shahfa village that resulted in the killing and injuring of more than 60 civilians and the displacing of hundreds others after destroying their houses.

The Syrian state, with its hands tied behind its back by the Russian partners, did what it can only do which was sending two identical letters to the UN chief and the United Nations Security Council, where the US, France, and the UK have veto powers, to protest the latest massacre and call to stop the criminal acts of the US-led coalition against the civilians in Syria.

The US-led Coalition stated earlier that they are investigating the November 10th massacre committed by themselves when they committed the latest one! If such news can work on their masses, it doesn’t on our people as we exposed their lies and criminal intentions long ago and vowed to confront it. It just indicates that the US citizens themselves, if not fools, their complicity in their country’s crimes show their reality.

Obviously, and with a long proven track, whenever the US, or any of those in its camp, claim to be protecting civilians, be quite sure they’re slaughtering the civilians, and whenever they claim they’re fighting terror, make no mistake they create terrorist groups, train them, arm them, fund them, smuggle them into war zones, command their crimes, then kill the useless ones of them along with more civilians.

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