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US-Led Coalition is Systematically Massacring Syrian Civilians

US-Led Coalition Latest Massacre against Civilians in Der Ezzor

Syrian civilians in the eastern parts of Der Ezzor province can’t tell the difference between the crimes of ISIS and those of its sponsors the illegal US-led coalition, the latter has killed dozens in the past week alone.

23 more civilians martyred after the US-led coalition bombed their houses in the villages of Bu Badran and Soussah, Der Ezzor’s eastern countryside. A number of homes were destroyed in this bombing. 18 of the massacred today were from one family.

This latest massacre by the illegal unauthorized outlaw criminals of the US-led coalition comes less than 24 hours after the coalition bombed four houses in the village of Shahfa and slaughtered all its residents.

More than 60 civilians were killed by the regime of Donald Trump just a couple of days earlier. This week alone almost 100 civilians were killed and a larger number were injured by the US bombing of their houses.

Russia has earlier today accused the US and its cronies in the criminal coalition it leads of using internationally banned weapons like the white phosphorus and cluster bombs in its crimes.

Russian president Vladimir Putin speaking in the ASEAN 2018 conference in Singapore has warned the European Union of a new wave of migrants fleeing the latest escalation of crimes against the Syrian villages by the US and its allies and to called on the Europeans to assist the Syrian people instead.

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