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US’s ISIS Blow up Syrian Military Bus Killing and Injuring Dozens

ISIS remnants blow up a Syrian military bus Damascus countryside - تفجير ارهابي لباص مبيت في الصبورة ريف دمشق

A terrorist explosion targeting a Syrian military bus in Damascus countryside killed and injured dozens of the soldiers en route to their base, US-sponsored ISIS terrorists are believed to be behind the attack.

Twenty one martyrs and seventeen injured were the casualties of the terrorist attack, local sources reporting from the town of Al Saboura in the western countryside of Damascus, the injured are all under intensive care.

The Syrian news agency Sana reported the incident earlier this morning quoting a military spokesperson:

A military overnight bus in Damascus countryside was hit this morning by a terrorist attack with a pre-planted explosive device, which led to the death of 18 soldiers and the wounding of 27 others.

Sana’s report has not been updated since and did not elaborate more than the above quotation.

The United States of America sponsors the remnants of ISIS (ISIL – Daesh) terrorists who fled the province of Daraa after the Syrian Arab Army liberated the southern region and have settled in the 55 kilometers perimeter set by the illegal US army base in the Al Tanf area in the furthest southeast of Syria at the border junction with Iraq and Jordan.

ISIS terrorists take advantage of the protection, arming, funding, and training the US army provides them in the Al Tanf region to carry out their terrorist attacks against the Syrian people, the Syrian army, and law enforcement officers, and against public workers. Today’s terrorist attack follows the same pattern of previous attacks carried out by these terrorists.

In addition to the ISIS remnants sponsored by NATO member state, the USA, in Al Tanf area, thousands of Al Qaeda, ISIS, and their affiliated terrorists are sponsored by another NATO member state, Turkey, in the northern regions of Syria with their main base in Idlib and stretching over the northern Syrian provinces of Aleppo, Raqqa, Deir Ezzor, and Hasakah.

US army with their proxy Kurdish SDF separatist terrorists have been busy lately moving ISIS commanders around its illegal bases in the province of Hasakah, in northeastern Syria. Each time there is such an activity by the USA in regard to ISIS commanders, terrorist attacks escalate in across the country, no coincidences.

We, at Syria News, do not know why the military buses remain in the possession of the drivers overnight, especially after repeated attacks using explosive devices planted in these buses when parked near the houses of the drivers and not inside the military garage of their respective units. This needs to be addressed by the Syrian army’s transportation division with no exceptions.

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  1. Roy

    LOL, shit Israeli censor won’t let me have my say. Why is the damn server in the US anyway? Caitlin Johnstone, with her website, serves the interests of Israel well, by drumming home the message of the evil US empire, her server is also on the US mainland. People aren’t always who they say they are, some people claim to be Jews, but aren’t, psychopaths are notoriously pathological liars and don’t give a damn about who or what they kill. Although the Jews love to brag about how easy it is to fool a Christian, I can’t help but notice that they let themselves to be played as well, there’s a saying in America that what goes around comes around and I think that is the real reason for the attack on the bus, they will not leave the USA the same way they did Spain following the Inquisition and the plunder of the New World (Order?)


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