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Russian Fighter Jets Destroy Al Qaeda’s Post in Idlib Countryside

Al Qaeda Levant's White Helmets released this picture of the Russian bombing

Russian fighter jets in coordination with the Syrian army’s artillery bombed a post used by NATO-sponsored Al Qaeda terrorists in the western countryside of Idlib, the bombing destroyed the post and inflicted heavy losses among the terrorists, Tuesday 11 October 2022.

Local sources reported that a terrorist group affiliated with the Turkey-sponsored Al Qaeda Levant in the outskirts of Al Shukhaib village of the Al Zuaynieh district in the Jisr Shoghour area in western Idlib countryside was using a post adjacent to a small poultry farm, the post was destroyed by aerial and ground missiles.

The local sources said there was heavy activity of Al Qaeda’s propaganda arm, the White Helmets, in the site immediately after it was bombed, ambulances were seen rushing out, and a consecutive explosion was heard in the area shortly before the so-called White Helmets left the site.

  • Al Qaeda Levant's White Helmets released this picture of the Russian bombing
  • Al Qaeda Levant's White Helmets released this picture of the Russian bombing

Activists in the Jisr Shoghour region said that the consecutive explosion is highly likely the work of the White Helmets who filmed the bombed poultry farm and the killed chicken to claim the pinpointed Russian aerial bombing and the Syrian army’s artillery shelling targeted the poultry farm and not the post used by the terrorists. A usual tactic used by these terrorists and their western sponsors, especially in the public relations information war they wage against the western audience to justify the massive funding by western taxpayers for their ongoing war in Syria.

There is little information coming out of the targeted village in the Jisr Shoghour region where the presence of Turkish ‘intelligence’ officers is very noticeable.

Local sources from western Hama countryside reported a Russian fighter jets aerial bombing that targeted the outskirts of the Al Qarqour village in the Al Ghab Plains without elaborating on the targeted post or the casualties from the bombing since the area is heavily blocked by Al Qaeda checkpoints.

NATO member state Turkey sponsors with its other NATO and non-NATO allies a plethora of terrorist groups in the northern regions of Syria.

Al Qaeda Levant (aka Nusra Front, Jabhat Nusra, HTS or Hay’at Tahrir Sham…) and ISIS (ISIL, Daesh) and their affiliated and offshoot groups rely on NATO funding, weapons, training, logistical supplies, and intel information through the regime of the Turkish madman Erdogan. These groups follow the anti-Islamic doctrines of the Muslim Brotherhood, the doctrine that the Turkish ruling party AKP follows, and the Wahhabi doctrine followed by the Al Saud of Saudi Arabia, and the Al Thani of Qatar.

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