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President Assad Swarmed by Lady Preachers at Omayyad Mosque

Syrian President Bashar Assad surrounded by Lady Preachers at Damascus Omayyad Mosque

Syrian President Bashar Assad was swarmed by a grouping of beautiful, and glamorous Islamic lady preachers during the celebrations at the Grand Omayyad Mosque in Damascus commemorating the birth of Prophet Muhammad, Peace Be Upon Him.

Muslim preachers surrounded President Assad who was accompanied by the Minister of Endowments while bodyguards were seen way back in the background of the footage not blocking the passing of other worshipers who were also seen moving between the mosque’s halls.

President Bashar Assad addressed the Islamic lady preachers about the role of women in society, better to read the translation for yourselves, although we highly suggest you start learning Arabic, the most beautiful mainstream language in the world to open up your universe’s main gates blocking you:

The video is also available on Rumble, BitChute, and YouTube.


Happy (Prophet’s Birthday) Anniversary, and we are very happy to have the ladies and (lady) preachers join us in this celebration.

In fact, I want to talk about two points, the first is the love that I see in the eyes, and it is not possible for a person who works honestly in the religious field and understands religion and belongs to this belief correctly, and is not a lover.

The second point, it is said that women are half of society, but I do not know what they mean by this half, is it the number? Or is it because the foundation of society is built on men, women, and children?

Society is not measured in numbers, and it is not measured in proportions, but rather it is measured by integration, and it is measured by homogeneity. When we look at society, we look at it as a single mass, a homogeneous mass offering a single product.

The scholars and I were talking in the month of Ramadan about the subject of the so-called religious reform, and I said at that time we cannot reform religion because it is the religion that fixes a person and not the other way around. Humans and God cannot interchange roles, this is impossible talk, but this reform cannot be completed without reforming society, and society cannot be reformed without the role of women being essential in it as a partner with the man.

The partnership does not also mean symmetry and congruence. The partnership means the interchange of roles and means complementarity in roles. We complement each other. Men have strengths, women have strengths, men have weaknesses, and women have weaknesses.

Some may say that the emotional woman, in some places the woman is more decisive and firm than the man, crueler and he is more soft and emotional, this is the exchange of roles, in other places, the opposite, in places the man appears strong and muscular, and in other places, the woman’s body appears more powerful and more endurance than the man’s body. This is the structure in which man is innate.

The role of women is essential, when women are with us at this celebration, this is the natural thing. The image that was printed of the faith, of Islam, is linked in one way or another to the image of the backward woman, the oppressed woman, and the passive woman.

Nothing has changed in your role today, you are doing your roles perfectly and you are all strong, active, and proactive women, but for those who only understand appearances, even this appearance is very necessary for us in order to complete the message of faith and Islam, not only in content but also in form.

End of the transcript

Syrian President Bashar Assad is known to be largely knowledgeable of Islam and is a leading advocate for Muslims to unite behind the Islam message as it was delivered by Prophet Muhammad PBUH, to reflect the true image of the secularism of the Islamic religion, and to depart from the political rifts that occurred long after the death of the prophet into what’s now known as the different sects in Islam.

When President Assad was asked by the Mufti of Aleppo whether he is an Alawite, President Assad responded: “I am a Syrian Muslim, I, by God’s name, know nothing about Alawism.” This dismantles one of the main pillars used by NATO, and mainly by hypocrites like the anti-Islamic Muslim Brotherhood Erdogan of Turkey, the Al Thani’s of Qatar, and the unit-Islamic Wahhabis of Al Saud, in fueling sectarian hatred against the Syrian state whose most of its officials are not of the Alawite sect, whose prime ministers, and ministers of the main ministries, and whose speakers of the parliament and their deputies are and were not from the Syrian Alawite sect which comprises about 12% of the population.

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