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Biden Forces Steal an Additional 50 Tankers Shipment of Syrian Oil

US Army and Kurdish SDF terrorists stealing Syrian oil - الجيش الأمريكي وميليشيات قسد يسرقون النفط السوري

Biden forces illegally deployed in northern Syria continue their systematic theft of Syrian oil with the help of their proxy Kurdish SDF separatist terrorists, the latest shipment of dozens of tankers loaded with Syrian oil were escorted by units of the US Army Oil Thieves Corps left Syria toward Iraq earlier today, 7th of October.

Local sources corroborated by the Syrian news agency Sana reported a convoy of 50 tankers loaded with stolen Syrian oil from the Syrian Rmeilan oil fields leaving through the illegal Mahmoudiya border crossing into neighboring Iraq, the sources reported seeing vehicles of the US Army and the Kurdish SDF separatist terrorists guarding the convoy.

The dozens of tankers stealing Syrian oil from the Syrian people will not be enough to cover the shortage of oil in the global markets caused by the reckless sanctions imposed by the collective west against Russia or the mad idea of capping the price of Russian oil suggested by the ignorant western leaders, all of which have backfired and caused the OPEC+ group to reduce their production of oil of up to 2 million barrels a day.

However, the stolen Syrian oil and occupied Syrian gas fields deprive the Syrian people of their much-needed own commodities to heat their homes, bake their bread, cook their food, run their electric power generating stations, and fuel their vehicles to harvest their produce and carry out with their daily lives.

The US and European illegal unilateral coercive measures wrongly dubbed as sanctions against Syria, mainly the US’s so-called Caesar Act exacerbates the suffering of the Syrian people by blocking them from buying oil from global markets to offset their own oil stolen by Biden’s inclusive and diverse junta.

The revenues from the stolen Syrian oil are enough to finance the various CIA black ops in both Syria and Iraq through their Al Qaeda, ISIS (ISIL – Daesh), and the Kurdish SDF proxy terrorists.

Karma has a strange way of making the evildoers suffer, the Europeans now will face shortages in their fuel similar to what they helped the US inflict on the Syrian people, the ironic part is in both cases it’s of their own doing.

We, at Syria News, are not reporting on the daily theft of Syrian oil in convoys of dozens of oil tankers as we have limited resources for our platform, we try to report on the topic when there is a major development, in this case, the timing of the hysteric near-midterm elections in the USA coinciding with the OPEC+ punch delivered to the Biden’s junta, and the European latest 8th wave of sanctions on Russian oil, keep in mind that the USA and its EU lackeys continue imposing sanctions on two of the world’s main oil producers, Iran and Venezuela while complaining of soaring oil prices!

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