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US Bombs Syria after Illegal US Airbase Bombed in Syria

US bombs Syrian sites in Deir Ezzor province

US fighter jets bombed districts in at least three cities in the northeast of Syria within Deir Ezzor province late after midnight, the US aggression came after the illegal US airbase in Hasakah province was bombed with a barrage of missiles.

A source in the National Defense Forces – NDF said:

“At 01:49, several American aircraft carried out 10 air strikes at the same time, targeting many areas in the governorate, including the city on University Presidency Street, the city of Al-Mayadeen in the Al-Tammu neighborhood, the city of Al-Bukamal in the Al-Suwayiyah area, the village of Al-Salihiyah, and Al-Hagana Street.”

For some reason, the Syrian news agency SANA has not reported these multiple aggressions by the time of this report, 8 hours later.

Syrian Engineer Imad Adnan Shehab was reportedly murdered in the US aggression.

Syrian air defense units tried to intercept the incoming missiles, sounds of explosions were heard but no count of how many incoming missiles were destroyed if there were any.

The US aggression comes a day after one of the largest illegal US air bases in Syria was bombed with missiles, the air base at Kharab Al Jier in Hasakah province, further northeast of Syria, serves as a supporting base for the oil thieves of the US Army and to assist ISIS terrorists in committing their massacres against the Syrian people.

Multiple analysts suggested that the intensity and number of the US air strikes indicate the bombing of their illegal base a day earlier resulted in serious casualties among the personnel of the US Army oil thieves officers, or inflicted heavy damage to costly military infrastructure, or both.

The Syrian and Iraqi resistance have escalated their bombing campaigns to expel the US army from their lands after the blatant US support of the Israeli genocide of the Palestinians in Gaza.

Syrians, ‘under the rule of a dictatorship’ wonder whether the US president, the commander in chief of the US armed forces, has the legality of the US constitution to fight wars, bomb sovereign countries, invade other peoples’ land, steal their resources in the name of the US citizens, ignore that, at least has the authority from the US taxpayers to use their hard-earned tax money to carry out these attacks and withstand the response, every action has a reaction, maybe the ordinary US citizen does not feel it directly in the case of bombing US cities and destroying its infrastructure, killing US citizens on their land, but surely their pockets are hurting and will hurt more, a look at the US public debt should give them an indicator.

The US presence in Syria is illegal by international law, the UN Charter which the US is a signatory to, and by the norms of humanity, the only right the US troops in Syria have is to be bombed until they are expelled without responding to those bombing them.

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  1. Miri

    Tedros tweet: “My colleagues and I are heartbroken at the tragic loss of another one of our own in an airstrike in #Syria this morning, engineer Emad Shehab. We extend our deepest condolences to his family.

    “Emad served as the WHO water and sanitation focal point in Deir-ez-Zor. His untimely death is a stark reminder of the ongoing violence and suffering endured by the people of Syria. He will be greatly missed.”


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