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Two Civilians and a Child Killed by a Landmine Planted by the SDF Militia

SDF Kurdish separatist Militia sponsored by the USA and Israel in Northern Syria

SDF militia killed a Syrian child and two young men and injured a 4th civilian by explosions of two landmines in the countrysides of the northern and northeastern Syrian provinces of Deir Ezzor and Hasakah.

These anti-personnel landmines, prohibited by the majority of countries around the world, were planted by the US-sponsored Kurdish separatist armed militia known as the SDF in regions they want to Israelize.

A child was killed in a landmine explosion in the vicinity of the Kassar village in the countryside of Al Busayrah city, in the eastern countryside of Deir Ezzor province.

One of the landmines blew up in the west of Ain Dewar village, in Al Malikiyeh region at the borders with Turkey, this explosion took the lives of two young men and injured a third, local sources confirmed.

Who needs ISIS and al Qaeda terrorists when the US-sponsored Kurdish militias are working to harm the Syrian people similarly to what the US-sponsored ISIS was doing? Observers are wondering.

The Kurdish SDF militia is planting landmines and IEDs, improvised explosive devices, around their makeshift checkpoints and in the lands where they terrorize the local farmers to prevent them from restoring their normal lives after years of facing the various terrorist groups brought into Syria by the USA and its coalition of terror.

Landmines and IEDs have been very effective in harvesting the souls of the Syrian people, especially the farmers who would step over the landmines in unexpected areas of their properties. Their work lasts for years after the areas infested by the terrorists are liberated to keep killing and maiming humans who just wanted to live free and with dignity.

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