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Turkish HTS Rejected the Ceasefire; Erdogan Sends More Troops into Idlib

Erdogan's Children in Idlib the SAA is killing: HTS aka 'Nusra Front' aka 'Al-Qaeda Levant' aka FSA aka ISIS

The latest agreement of ceasefire between the Russian President and the Turkish madman Erdogan explicitly excludes combating terrorists. Erdogan doesn’t consider al-Qaeda as a terrorist group, he invested heavily in this organization especially in Syria and lately in Libya.

A Turkish column of troops entered the Syrian Idlib province on the second day of the ceasefire through Kfar Lucin, some sources reported another Turkish forces column crossed the borders into Idlib, while the Turkish-sponsored Nusra Front (al-Qaeda Levant) declared their rejection of the ceasefire and the agreement.

The Turkish madman Erdogan instead of separating the radical head-choppers of al-Qaeda from the moderate head-choppers of al-Qaeda as per his own commitment he obliged himself to in September 2018, the lunatic flip-flop beefed up those terrorists in numbers and gears, both types of them, supplied them with advanced weapons, and when they were defeated despite this support he merged the Turkish Army soldiers within the ranks of these terrorists hoping the Turkish soldiers would serve as human shields to save the terrorists, and that exactly what resulted in the killing of dozens (29, 38, 62, or most likely 109 depending on the source) of them by the Syrian Arab Army who were bombing the gathering of al-Qaeda terrorists on 27th of February, last month.

The killing of their soldiers, the al-Qaeda human shields, was used by the Turks as a justification to attack the Syrian Arab Army units and their allies in Syria to allow al-Qaeda terrorists regain the territories they lost, momentarily, using the Russian strange stand down which left the SAA without the agreed air cover, yet Erdogan instead of only licking the bone offered by President Putin, he actually ate the bone and wanted more which resulted in increased escalation with the SAA and the IRGC issued their chilling warning to the TSK (inseparable Turkish Army and al-Qaeda).

Twenty violations of the ceasefire regime were recorded by the Russian Reconciliation Center in Hmeimim, 19 by the Turks; the Nusra Front rejection of the ceasefire agreement and increase of the Turkish human shields soldiers into Idlib, all are signals of a coming showdown unless someone cuts the tree under the Turkish madman and allow him the free fall he needs and hopefully a bang to his head would wake him up or allow someone smarter to take over in Turkey and save what could be saved in that country before it’s too late and hundreds more of their troops get sardined and sent back in boxes, or whatever is left of them. The SAA is more than determined to clean the country to the last inch from the terrorists and their supporters.

On the other side and where Erdogan forces lost the battles, the Aleppo – Damascus M5 Artery returned to life and hundreds of vehicles took the chance to travel using the once backbone of the Syrian economy and social life, it saves them 3 hours of driving when they had to take side roads to avoid the targeting by the Turkish-sponsored terrorists of al-Qaeda and its affiliates.

The 6 kilometers both sides of the Aleppo – Latakia M4 artery is in the works as per Russian sources, after a week they are supposed to start patrolling this highway jointly with Turkish patrols to ensure the implementation of the second article of the latest ceasefire agreement. This is a more serious test for the Turkish ability to meet their commitments, the terrorists are cornered near Zawya Mountain not far from the M4, and under the threat of their shelling using the advanced weapons they received from NATO member state Turkey.

Russian Military Police in Syria - Archive
Russian Military Police in Syria – Archive

Will Erdogan get a new chance after this when, not if, the truce is seriously breached? Nobody knows what he offered President Putin in their 3 hours closed meeting before joined by the delegations of both countries in their last summit, and nobody will be able to understand what is there left to offer by the Turkish madman.

We reported earlier from our sources within the Turkish top brass about a brewing military coup, Erdogan is aware of this as well, he’s racing time to achieve anything to regain some popularity among the Turks, nobody envies him on any front.

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    • Arabi Souri

      To save lives, our people are not cheap pawns and our army are not suicidal, if there’s a chance to save one life it’s worth the time. The Turks proved they don’t care about lives of their own army, of their terrorists, and what’s important for us of our people.


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