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Trump’s Coalition Commits New Massacre in Deir Ezzor Countryside

US and coalition bombers commit massacre

The illegal coalition led by the United States of America outside the United Nations and without the approval of the Syrian state added a new massacre to its long list of ugly crimes against the Syrian people today by bombing a village in Deir Ezzor countryside causing mayhem.

At the early hours of dawn, the Trump coalition of evil states bombed the village of Al-Rez in Al-Busayrah area, southeast Deir Ezzor countryside. The bombing killed a number of civilians, left many others injured most of whom were women and children, as well as large destruction in the people’s homes.

Trump who failed his own election promises to withdraw his troops from Syria and elsewhere, has instead increased the level of crimes his troops and their allies commit in Syria.

This latest massacre comes just a couple of days after the same evil coalition admitted it has killed 1300 civilians in Syria and Iraq since 2014. A number that many observers mocked due to the casualties in the devastated city of Raqqa alone, which the illegal coalition obliterated and not liberated from ISIS.

Despite having a ceremonial flag exchange between US-sponsored ISIS terrorists in the city with the US-sponsored Kurdish SDF separatist militias, the US-led coalition made sure it continued bombing the city until over 80% of it became inhabitable, as per a UN investigation team.

The evil coalition did the same to Mosul in Iraq, in an apparent style thinking they’ll make more contracts for US corporations who will come for reconstruction, as they dream of.

Residents of Al-Rez village targeted earlier today by the Trump’s coalition who were not killed were left in a state of shock and panic due to the massive explosions around them, another goal of such coalitions.

The purpose of setting up coalitions of willing outside the United Nations and against international law is to make more profits for the military-industrial complex that has a large influence on the US foreign policy, and to set the stage for new contracts for rebuilding at the same time they enjoy killing the people of other nations for Satanic rituals.

The coalition operating in Syria and Iraq under the banner of fighting ISIS has fought everybody who fought ISIS including the Syrian Arab Army and the Iraqi’s PMU forces. Rarely they targeted low-level ISIS commanders who they couldn’t lift to other places for recycling.

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  1. Miri

    Reminder that the Obama-created, Trump accelerated war criminal ‘coalition’ includes France, & that while transatlantic media are reporting non-stop on Trump’s new FAKE twit-ter fight against Macron, the petite enucleator of Gilets Jaunes also helped in the war criminal bombings.


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