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The Long Overdue Cleaning of Daraa is Imminent, It’s About Time

NATO sponsored ISIS and Al Qaeda Terrorists in Daraa southern Syria - archive

Daraa Balad, the old center of the city of Daraa in the southern region of Syria, will finally be cleaned from NATO-sponsored terrorists, this time there will be no more truce, for sure.

In a previous post on July 29, we’ve said that the cleaning of Daraa Balad and eliminating the terrorists would be completed within hours or a couple of days, we had all the information and indications from the mobilization of the unstoppable Syrian Arab Army all confirming that happy ending, however, and in the same report we did mention our fear that the Russian allies would feel sympathetic to these terrorists and would ask for a new delay of the SAA military operation, which is exactly what happened.

The following is a short report by the Syrian state media aired yesterday, 08 August, affirming that the delay in the SAA military operation was due to a request by the terrorists who, naturally, did not commit to it, and it’s now in the hands of the Syrian Arab Army to finish the job and clean the last area in southern Syrian in which the terrorists control:

The video is on BitChute and YouTube unless the latter decides to delete it like a number of previous videos.

Transcript of the video report:

It would have been possible to bet on the lessons of the war to push the militants in Daraa to deviate towards calm, if these were not governed by foreign agendas and their organic connection with them.

It would have been possible to bet on arousing patriotic feelings and recalling the beautiful Syrian era had these gunmen been free and masters of their decisions, but as the events and the results of the negotiations indicate, it seems that the foolishness and stubbornness of these people threaten to ignite some areas of Daraa again.

For the Syrian state, the oscillating reality is no longer acceptable, and if, as a result of the entry of some guarantors as mediators at an earlier time made the (Syrian) state accept the presence of some weapons in the hands of these groups, today, while Syria is regaining its health, it is no longer acceptable for these weapons to remain outside the framework of the state, while these groups remain armed disturbing the stability in the province, and sponsoring several assassinations, bullying, evasion, and activities outside the framework of the law.

Will the current negotiations succeed in sparing Daraa the fire that may extend wide, or will the folly of the militants make this fire imminent, as the Syrian Arab Army says that it did not mobilize all these troops to accept anything less than the return of all the lands of Hauran to the authority of the Syrian state and the return of Al-Sabah to it.

Morning Daraa, isn’t it about time?

The American project moved from the city of Daraa after the first disturbances in mid-March 2011.

Armed groups emerged and the Military Operation Center (MOC) was established in Jordan, which is still led by American, British, Israeli, Jordanian, and Gulf officers.

The Zionist security interests required the creation of a buffer zone, similar to the experience of Antoine Lahd’s army in southern Lebanon.

The complexities of the southern region imposed themselves on the reconciliation agreement in Daraa in 2018, as a result of the Israeli concern.

Reconciliation was affirmed after Putin and Trump met in Helsinki in 2018.

There has become a region subject to the intertwined interests between Moscow, Washington, and “Tel Aviv”.

Retaining a large part of the armed groups’ elements under the so-called “Eighth Brigade in the Fifth Corps”.

The terrorist groups in Daraa continued to turn against the manifestations of the state. Military reinforcements of the Syrian army have arrived in the city of Daraa, stressing the handover of light and medium weapons to restore the Syrian state in all its manifestations. There is no alternative.

End of the video transcript

Our informed source in the Syrian leadership told us that during the past years of the conflict since the Russian military joined the Syrian armed forces in fighting NATO-sponsored terrorist groups of ISIS and other Al Qaeda affiliates in the country, the Russians would put forward a plan that might contradict with the plan put in place by the Syrian leadership, in most of the times the Russians would accept to follow with the Syrian plan, in some of the times the Russians would insist, based on promises they got from NATO member states, to alter the Syrian plan and extend truce offers to allow the terrorists to doublethink and drop their weapons, the Russians sincerely think that the terrorists are capable of thinking and of making their own decisions, the Russians, also, sincerely believe that NATO member states have any dignity and would abide by their commitments and obligations, Turkey and the USA as examples, the Russians, as well, come from a region of colder climate unlike the Syrians who are more hotheaded; after the Russians realize that neither the terrorists nor their sponsors do commit to their obligations the Syrian plan is back in place, this is exactly what happened again in Daraa back in July 2018 and now again.

Let’s again hope that this would be a swift military operation and the Syrian Arab Army will clean the whole southern region from NATO terrorists of ISIS and Al Qaeda and focus on cleaning the northeast of Syria.

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