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Erdogan Terrorist Groups Infighting in Afrin Results in Civilian Casualties

NATO terrorists in northern Syria - Afrin Aleppo Erdogan Kurds SDF USA

Erdogan terrorist groups infighting in the occupied Syria city of Afrin in northwestern Aleppo countryside left several civilians injured and caused material damage to their properties.

Clashes with light and medium weapons – machine guns and RPGs – erupted around 2 am today morning (9 August), between two groups of terrorists working for NATO’s second most powerful leader the Turkish madman Erdogan in the upscale neighborhood of ‘Al Villat’ in the city of Afrin, local sources reported and added that a child and other civilians were injured and houses and vehicles sustained damage in these clashes.

The local sources reporting the latest infighting said that the warring terrorists belong to the so-called ’15th Division’ and the so-called ‘9th Division’, two terrorist groups of mercenaries with no real military background.

The video is also on BitChute and YouTube.

Many local residents fled their homes in fear in the midst of the chaos and mayhem caused by this renewed fratricide between these heavily armed anti-Islamic radical terrorists.

The fratricide ended when other terrorists from the so-called Central Command interfered between the ‘brothers in terror’.

All terrorist groups operating under the command of the Turkish madman Erdogan follow his Muslim Brotherhood doctrine, a doctrine established under the supervision of the British in the early last century to destroy Islam from within at the hands of the uneducated brainwashed fanatics. Worth noting that Zawahiri, the former head of Al Qaeda, was a member of this radical Muslim Brotherhood group which explains how most of his victims were other Muslims of all sects.

Fratricide among the thieves and mercenary anti-Islamic Muslim Brotherhood terrorists is a common thing ever since the USA led the war of terror against the Syrian people, Syria prior to 2011 was one of the safest countries in the world.

Afrin was occupied in early 2018 by the Turkish (read NATO) army along with assorted groups of terrorists and after the Kurdish SDF separatist terrorists fled the city without a fight, the SDF separatists were not allowing the Syrian Arab Army to enter Afrin claiming they will fight the Turkish invasion but instead, as soon as the Turkish army and its terrorist proxy groups arrived the Kurdish SDF terrorists fled toward US forces illegally deployed in eastern Aleppo countryside.

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