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Terrorists Increase Assassinations of SAA, other Law Enforcement, in Syria

Archive of SAA mass funeral for 83 soldiers accidentally killed by Obama regime to protect terrorists in al Tharda

Terrorists supported by NATO klansmen who occupy the United Nations continue to increase their deadly violence in Daraa, Daraa al Balad, and Hama. As the Syrian Arab Army continue to liberate “every inch” of their homeland from al Qaeda pathogens supported by NATO weapons and NATO media stenographers, the cornered rats have increased their bombings of civilian neighborhoods, and increased their assassinations of soldiers and other members law enforcement.

Six Syrian Arab Army soldiers are reported to have been martyred on 30 August, in the Daraa and Daraa al Balad areas; details have not be released. Syria News reminds our readers that the SAA continue to defend their homeland from NATO beloved terrorists, within their internationally recognized borders.

Map of Daraa where terrorists are murdering soldiers and bombing civilian homes.
Daraa, Syria.

We also remind our readers that the murderous game of geopolitics played by the finely coiffed NATO terrorists in suits — including the klansmen occupying the United Nations, who masquerade as diplomats — consistently takes advantage of the fixations of Operation Mockingbird cum laude folk, the gaggle who just finished crying over the crying cop the size of a Mack truck, who cried before, after, or during the former bomber pilot crying, who were then forced to cry over the US’ abrupt departure from Afghanistan, after a mere forty years, who then cried over babies pulled over barbed wire, Afghans left behind, where to put Afghans not left behind, dead American soldiers coming home to a president who is concerned about the time.

The beleaguered US American, especially — struggling against homelessness, suffering from junk healthcare, courtesy of un-health insurance profiteers, trying to feed their kids as food prices are permitted to skyrocket, à la headed toward Weimar inflation — remains oblivious that his/her tax monies are spent on criminal war propaganda, via war pimping non-profits given 501(c) charity status, via the NATO UN’s phony objective ReliefWeb site, and actually believing that al Qaeda terrorists are fighting for some absurd fantasy of freedom of which US Americans are deprived, on a daily basis.

The NATO junta ruling the UN knows that the terrorists were offered reconciliation, and that the savages who refused to end their part in armed insurrection against the state, were subsequently offered airconditioned buses to move to NATO Erdogan occupied regions of the SAR.

NATO klan and NATO Arab underlings support al Qaeda against Syria
The NATO klansmen and their ‘Arab NATO’ underlings support al Qaeda terrorists against Syria. Perpetual war is primary for the profiteers.

At dawn on 30 August, two masked al Qaeda moderate terrorists drove past a checkpoint in the al Murabit neighborhood in Hama, and using their NATO moderate automatic weapon, assassinated two members of law enforcement, before driving away.

Terrorists on a motorcycle assassinated members of law enforcement at a checkpoint in al Murabit, Hama.

As the chaos continues in the NATO world, the NATO terrorists in the Syrian Arab Republic have increased their daily, increasingly brazen attacks.

Beware a new false flag.

Miri Wood

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  1. dog69fastmailjp

    They would have us believe that it’s not right to execute a man that can’t remember the crimes for which he has been charged. LOL, but their worship of doublethink, might cause us to believe that the bomb sniffing rats from Africa are on the wrong end of the leash.


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