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Daraa Terrorists Kill 2 Children Injure 3 Others from the Same Family

NATO-sponsored Daraa Balad Al Qaeda and ISIS terrorists - Southern Syria - Archive

Al Qaeda and ISIS terrorists in Daraa devasted an entire family killing 2 children and injuring 3 others and their mother in an indiscriminate shelling with mortars.

From their holed-in hideouts in the dense Daraa Balad neighborhood, the NATO-sponsored Al Qaeda and ISIS terrorists shelled the town of Qarfa in the northern Daraa countryside, one of the mortars fell on a house killing 2 children of the same family and injuring their siblings and their mother, Syrian TV reported.

Syrian TV Anchor Rasha Hasan reporting on the terrorist attack.

This new war crime today by the terrorists stalling the implementation of the ceasefire mediated by the Russian Reconciliation Center in Syria that would see the terrorists joining the reconciliation laying down their weapons and returning to their normal lives and those who do not agree and want to continue their terrorist life to be shipped to the north of Syria to their regional sponsor, the Turkish madman Erdogan. They have previously agreed to the ceasefire deal more than once and each time they commit a crime more heinous than the previous breaching their own commitments.

The Syrian state insists that up to 100 terrorists are evicted from the Daraa Balad neighborhood and that the state institutions resume working inside, Israel, instructing the USA and other influential NATO member states, insists on keeping especially ISIS terrorists to protect its troops occupying the Syrian Golan. So far only 53 terrorists with their families were shipped out north to Erdogan during the past week, 8 in the first batch and 45 in the second, two of the main terrorists who were supposed to be among the first batch didn’t show up in a direct violation of the ceasefire deal, the first batch already headed to Europe from Turkey.

The Syrian Army can storm the neighborhood and eliminate the terrorists within a couple of hours but this would endanger thousands of civilians held hostages by the terrorists inside the Daraa Balad district, whereas up to 50,000 residents are displaced outside the district for the past 9 years and waiting to return to their homes.

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