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Syrians Confronting US Occupation Army and its SDF Proxies in Hasakah

Syrians Confronting US Occupation Army and its Kurdish SDF Proxies in Hasakah

Syrians in a village in the northeastern province of Hasakah with the help of the Syrian Arab Army unit deployed in the area confronted a US army column of armored vehicles and forced them to change retreat, and villagers further to the northeast within the Hasakah province clashed with the US-sponsored Kurdish SDF separate terrorists who raided their villages.

The following report by the Syrian Ikhbariya news channel (banned from broadcasting in the free world) details the above-mentioned confrontations:

The video is also available on YouTube, Bitchute, Odysee, and Rumble.


Local sources reported that a convoy of the American occupation, consisting of five vehicles, tried to cross from the village of Al-Mujaibara towards one of its bases in the Hasakah countryside, the people, with the support of the Syrian Arab Army, confronted the convoy and expelled it from the area.

In the Rmelan area in the countryside of Qamishli, popular demonstrations took place to condemn the violations of the Kurdish SDF militia, during which the demonstrators raised banners denouncing its repressive practices and restrictions on citizens.

Local sources said that the protests took place in the villages of Yusufiya and Al-Junaidiah, belonging to the Rmelan area in the northeastern countryside of Qamishli, against the SDF-backed militia, which is backed by the American occupation forces, demanding the expulsion of its militants from the area and an end to its practices, confiscation of the people’s livelihood and property, theft and smuggling of oil, and an end to kidnapping young men to force them to fight in its ranks.

The sources stated that the protesters blocked the main roads with burning tires and stones and chanted slogans condemning the SDF militia, which brought reinforcements to the area in order to suppress and disperse the demonstrators.

End of the transcript

The US regime maintains an illegal presence in Syria, carries out illegal and terrorist operations against the people, steals Syrian oil and wheat, and supports terrorist groups in their war crimes against the Syrian people.

Western mainstream media falsely report the military and terrorist operations of the US army and its sponsored proxy groups as combating terrorism when those are the real terrorists the Syrian people are fighting, the western mainstream media in its fake reporting are accomplices to war crimes, and those parroting the lies of the western officials and their media, or simply not countering them, are willingly, knowingly or ignorantly participating in the killing, maiming, oppressing the Syrian people.

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