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Syrian Spy in Turkey

Erdogan FSA

The following is a rough report by a Syrian young man who made the dangerous visit to Turkey for a month and came back to his city Idleb vowing to defend it against the coming Islamist (not Islamic) Wahhabi Jihadists after discovering the below very disturbing facts which we present un-edited except for a touch up and the indicative images.

A- Turkish Economy and the financial state of Syrians.

The Turkish economy is moving more and more into a Capitalism and Corporations-based economy. All the Turkish industries are monopolized by certain companies; for example there is only one gas company and two mineral water companies. As a price for the well organized streets, the beautiful parks, the easy transportation the nice police cars, and the magnificent governmental buildings, the Turkish people has to pay huge taxes all day.

Whatever medicine you need, even Panadol (pain killer tablets) I think, you have to get a prescription from a hospital who will charge you with 150 T.L that’s about $100!!! Heating in Turkey is based on coal; no one can offer to get a diesel heater. 1 liter of diesel is 4.5 T.L that is 200 S.P!!! (we used to buy diesel for 20 S.P before the unrest.)

Erdoğan Proved Thieve

It would be a logical question to ask how the Syrians afford to live there!! Actually, those I met are mostly rich people with a 4000 T.L monthly spending “some Turkish people live on 1500 T.L in a month!” the Syrians I met are managing to live there without being in need for the Turks whatsoever. The only problem with these Syrians is that they are all traitors or traitors’ supporters.

B- Turkish Demography.

I’ll only talk about two parts that I lived in. I lived in Adana in a Kurdish area. This area is located in the old part of the city, neglected by the government, village-like streets, old houses, poor people, undrinkable tap water, and all the humiliating methods are adopted in that area. The Kurds are on their ongoing revolution; everyday they would go on their marches and be attacked by the brutal Turkish police, although they are completely peaceful!!

Coming to the second section which is the Alawite one, these people are now being under huge pressure and growing oppression thanks for the Syrian Revolution and the sectarian Turkish media. Turkish people are starting to hate the Turkish Alawites just because of their sects, sometimes they are deprived of job opportunities just because of their background!! The Syrians there are telling lies about the Alawite beliefs in Syria and some blind Turks are taking these stories as granted and start questioning the Alawites there about this and that… I, personally, think that this is not done by coincidence, but rather this is fueled by the sectarian government of Turkey. The Turkish people are not sectarian; they are fanatic to their own Turkish nationality, just as we the Arabs are, but now the Turkish government is doing its best to implant this hatred towards Alawites.


When I was in Adana I went to its university which is 5km away from Engerlik NATO base. I could see it from a very far distance: there was a lake separating the base from the city and you have to cross a guarded bridge to get to the other side… snipers are located all around the base with the permission to shoot anyone who get closer than 500m to the base!!!

The Turkish people’s stance of NATO presence in Turkey differs according to their political stance. Some are unaware of the danger and the meaning of the existence of that base in Turkey, these people are mostly those who don’t care about politics and who care only about their everyday problems.

Others are against its presence and are aware that this base is an authorized occupation of Turkey, these people are totally against Erdoğan and all of his policies (political, social, economical…) The third section, which is the largest, represents those who support Erdoğan and justify the base and all of Turkey’s relations with Israel and FUKUS as a result of the secular army. They always say that it’s not Erdoğan who agreed to install this base, but rather that he was forced to accept it after military pressure; they also say that a lot of Turkish military officers are Zionists and Masons!!! To cut it short, they believe that false play of military-government struggle.

D- Turkey and Syria.

Of course I cannot say that I could analyze everything is one month, but I’m just writing about what I’ve seen and about what I’ve heard.

Turkish people love Syria and the Syrians. I know it’s hard to believe this, and I personally did not believe this before I went there, but they do. The difference is in the vision of the future Syria! Of course the difference is totally based upon the political stance and therefore you’ll sense a clear cut in the Turks’ view of the Syrian crisis.

– Lots and lots of Turks are brainwashed by the mainstream media and believe that our army is killing us, support FSA not with money or fighters – and you’ll come to understand how- but they believe that the FSA is a real good patriotic army!! This is also believed by of different groups… some of them took this stance because of what their media and government tell them, others because of humanitarian causes, and the largest group is made of those who are part of the conspiracy against Syria and who are sectarian people called ‘Nurjian’ (I’ll talk about this group in detail in the coming parts).

– Some Turks are in favor of the Syrian Arab Army and Bashar Alassad. These people are not a small section but they are not allowed to say what they have to say, they are oppressed. This section is mostly made from those who are totally against Erdoğan and believe that Erdoğan (and I quote the exact words of a Turkish man) “had turned Turkey into USA’s bitch” they are against the Islamist orientation of the Turkish government. This pro-Syria section believes that Syria is the last frontier against Israel and the NWO 

(New World Order)

– Many and many more of Turks just don’t care about who wins the war, but they say that we love Syria and wish Syria and Syrians the best and that Turkey must not middle meddle in Syria and the Syrians. This group contains some supporters of Erdoğan, some of those against him, and those who don’t care about politics.

Where Syria is going?!

– Part of a new Ottoman Empire!

Islamist Caliph Erdogan

In Turkey there is an Islamist movement called the “Nurjia” it follows the teachings and writings if Badei’alzaman Saeed AlNursi. I have to go a little bit in the details of this group and its history so that you understand their perspectives.

This Saeed AlNursi lived in the 1920s, during the times of moving from the Ottoman Islamic Empire to the Turkish Secular Republic. He opposed Mustafa Kamal Ataturk’s secular view and was exiled to Anatolia where he wrote his books which, allegedly, are about religion. Actually, I’ve read some of his writings and it is clear that he is calling for the restoration of the Empire… the Nurjians today teach his books as religious ones but actually it’s nothing more than a cover to brainwash the students with the Ottomanist views. In every city they have many schools which are boarding schools, i.e. with no T.Vs, or internet. Students are being brainwashed all the time in a very sickening manner. These people are in complete power of everything in Turkey; even Erdoğan consults their head consulter. I spent few days with the head of a district (which I cannot name it for my own safety and to keep my identity concealed) and what I’ll write what this man told me (who once refused to meet Erdoğan because he was busy!!)

“Once you get rid of this ‘kafer’ sacrilegious regime there will be no need for the borders separating Syria from Turkey, we would become one united state. Lebanon will feel insecure and threatened if they don’t join this state. After that the now ongoing deliberation with Egypt will have reached its resolutions so that Egypt would join this new state and it’ll be called “the United Islamist States”. As you know Syria after the war like Egypt will be weak and it needs a strong country like Turkey to be allied with; and because countries after dictatorships and wars are usually politically infertile, the leader of this new state would be Erdoğan and a ‘Walli’ (governor) would be appointed in each part of this state. Maybe, after this state moves into its perfect state, elections would be held to appoint a new leader.” And the capital of this state would be Cairo, Damascus, or Istanbul?? I asked. “Of course it must be Istanbul, you remember that the last capital of Islamic caliphate was Istanbul, and Istanbul is already the center of the Middle East.” I told him that this is a real pleasure for me to hear this –I couldn’t express my pro-Syria attitude there for fear of being killed, and I liked the information I was getting because of this fake personality I took, I felt like a real spy- but I don’t think that the Syrians would accept this great Islamist spring. “Who said that? Most of the Syrian Imams and educated elites are in favor of this state and of course Imams are the leaders of any community. You’ll meet these honorable men”

In a few days I was fortune to meet these “Honorable men.” Doctors, architects, teachers, merchants, industrialists and most importantly Imams were present there. These men are from Aleppo, Aleppo rural, Idleb, Kifrenbel, Haas, Homs, Rastan, Kurds Mountains – Latakia rural and all the shitty sectarian places you may think about. With the fake anti-Assad identity, I was a real spy in this wasp nest. After lunch, a sermon was delivered by a Turkish Imam and translated into Arabic by a Syrian. After this, the Syrian Imams started to give their speeches… I could understand that the war in Syria is between Kafers and Muslims, that in Syria you cannot pray in a mosque more than the five prayers, the two stars in the Syrian flag are a symbol of the ruling “family” and the oppressed people, and that Syrians in the “freed” areas totally agree about this “great Islamic flowery state that would remove Kafers in the Arab world and Iran along with Israel once it’s established!!” after that they started to make Duaa’ to win this Jihad, asked Allah to give faith and support for the Mujahideen in Bilad Alsham, and to help them establish this new Islamic cornerstone to conquer the world!!

– A new Afghanistan with sectarian beliefs and plans.

I got a contact with some guys from Aleppo and Idleb rurals. They gave me a full account of where Syria is going once they take control; of course they believed that I’m with them, otherwise I’d be killed by now. When FSA invaded Aleppo rural they started to steal and vandalize the farms owned by Aleppo’s wealthy families. These guys used to travel into Syria when FSA gets in a new area, steal whatever they want and sell it in Turkey. When I asked them is this Halal (religiously approved) they screamed yes sure, our Imams in Jabhat AlNusra said that it’s OK to take whatever we want from these Shabiha’s houses because their money is ours and they stole it from our pockets!! I told them but this money should be divided among all the Syrians not only those who lay hands on these houses! They said that after the revolution victory rights would be given to its rightful owners.

In one of our conversation I intentionally mentioned Nubol and Alzahra’ (two villages in Aleppo rural with Shiaa in them, FSA couldn’t invade them but they are besieging these two villages) they told me that no food, water or any supplies are allowed into these two villages “we are strangling them” I told them that I’m happy about depriving the Syrian Arab Army (Assad gangs I said of course) of supplies, but that I’m sad for the civilians there… These guys told me: “are you crazy! Or you city city guys are so naive!! These two villages are Shia’ like Foua’ in your Idleb and they deserve it more than the Army, we are not aiming against the army by this siege, but also against these pigs sons living there. Our imams are now confused what to do with these people when we get into their villages; some say –and I’m in favor of this opinion- kill them all, kill the children before the men because the children will grow up with this Kafer seed in their hearts, so better get rid of them now than being a trouble in the future. Other imams are too kind they say that we kill only those who help the army and we send the rest into exile.” And where this exile should be? I asked. “in hell, why asking me!! They can go to hell or drown themselves in the sea, they can go to their head pig in Iran, but new Syria doesn’t need such people in it. Do you want them to stay?” I couldn’t hold myself from saying “yes of course, they are Syrians after all” and he gave me that disgusted look.

I won’t go into detail about the rest of the Syrian religious and ethnic groups, but I’ll just write what they have prepared for them. Armenians have to go back to their country in Armenia, why live in our country when they have their own!! Alawites are of different groups; those in the army MUST be killed, the others either go and live in the mountains tops or work as servants in the houses of Imams, and the revolution is too kind because it always offers them the exile option. Druze and Ismailies must convert into Islam (as If they are not) or go out of Syria. Christians: “you see our religion doesn’t tell us to force them into Islam, but they have to live in accordance to our conventions and traditions” what do you mean by this? I asked. “You see our Islam forbids us of seeing a woman’s hair, so they have to put the scarf. And they must pay the Jizyah (Islamic based taxing system.) The last thing they have to adapt with is that they cannot drink alcohol, neither publicly nor privately; not only because it’s Haram but also because it’s harmful; we are doing this for their sake too!!”

Intelligence Failure.

– In this age of hypertechnolgization, I feel that there is something I am missing in the performance of the the Syrian Intelligence. I am no spy, nor I have ever had any formal training, yet I was able, with my modest personal skills, to infiltrate some rebel militia leaders. I can say with confidence that I reached some important info. Syrian intelligence can do much better in its hunt for intel. I even know of cases where intel came to the security forces as easy as an unpaid snitch passing info, but it was not taken seriously. Something needs to be done regarding the intel war, and it needs to be done urgently.

– I came all the way from Turkey, passed by many military checkpoints, and NO ONE examined my luggage!!! I could smuggle 20 Kalashnikovs within my two bags without anyone to ask to check my ID. This is a deadly security failure on the side of our Syrian Army…

What I’ve seen on my way from and back to Syria

– I passed by infantry academy… they are in complete control of it!!! 3000 fighters from Altawheed brigade taking it as their base!! Why don’t the jets burn the hell out of it?? They are only shelling the residential areas… WHY??

– speaking about the rebels unity; FSA is by no way united…I asked this to the car driver on my way back whose cousin is one of the rats, why is only Altawheed brigade is in that base and he told me that he got the control of it after many clashes with the other brigades. And he told me too that once FSA was besieging a military base in Aleppo rural and they needed tanks to get into that base, they asked Altawheed brigades to help them with his tanks -he is the only tanks owner in Aleppo- and he refused to join unless third of the booties but the other groups refused to give more than a quarter and because of this the Syrian Army was able to push them back….They are nothing more than armed gangs….

– With 3 Allah Akbar you can steal any car you want and go to Jabhat AlNusra who will give you papers for this car and you can drive it in the “Freed” areas!!! There is a huge automobile market in Tal Rifat for ‘Allah Akbar’ cars…

– I passed through the industrial area of Aleppo (Shekh Najar); it’s under Jabhat AlNusra control… No one can steal anything from it, otherwise they’ll kill any thief!! BUT, if you pay 500,000 SP you can choose any factory and take EVERYTHINNG in it “Halal-ly”

– When I first got into Syria, I was shocked to find no one of FSA terrorists to check who I am!!! All Mossad and CIA agents could enter Syria within 1 day!!! What shocked me even more was to find 7 trucks of 20 tons loading capacity -140 tons combined- stolen and being sent to Turkey!!! P.S we used to buy 1 K.G bread for 9 SP that is 20 cents!!! Now we are buying it for SyP100 that is $2!!!

Note: This report was previously posted by Real Syria Updates, another blog of mine, on February 13, 2013, mysteriously it disappeared from the blog, deleted posts and almost everywhere online, thankfully I had it saved offline and re-posting again here for importance.

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