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Syria: Lavrov Wants Conference in Geneva

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If both sides of the Syrian conflict will agree to participate in a new international conference on Syria at a ministerial level in Geneva, this next conference on the topic Syria may be happen, so the Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov on Wednesday. There is only, at least, one problem with this statement of the Russian Foreign Minister.

For example, one problem with this statement is, that it is false. There are not only two sides who are involved in the conflict within Syria. There are many sides and different groups, even different interests of several administrations.

In addition, even the both terrorist-supporting Gulf States Saudi Arabia and Qatar have finally other targets in Syria and in the case that the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad will be overthrown and the radical terrorist groups and jihadists take the power in Syria, it will be the day, when the Wahhabis and Salafis start to fight each other again. Not to mention that several European governments, allegedly democratic leaderships, have also different aims in and with Syria – and also different “red lines” when it is about the Syrian topic and the slaughtering civilians and people for worldly interests.

The Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov further said, that Russia shares the opinion that this next conference on Syria should be held in Geneva after he met with the US Secretary of State, John Kerry. The meeting between both took part on the sidelines of the so-called Arctic Council session in Sweden and it seems the meeting between both was not so arctic as it should have been if Russia would be a really good ally of Syria and the Syrian people.

The Foreign Minister of Russia said in addition, that Russia wants a conference with the ministers and deputy ministers of several states in Geneva and not with the participation of the heads of state(s). This is an indirect answer to the strange propaganda comments from Britain.

The next conference on Syria may take place on May 7 in Geneva and, at least, the United States and Russia will take part so far as it is known. The conference is said to be aimed at the facilitating of a solution for the Syrian crisis by political dialogues – something, the foreign-backed terrorists, jihadists, thugs of the so-called “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) are not interested in and even some governments are not really interested in a political solution for the proxy-war and destruction in and of Syria.

The conference would be a follow-up of the last meeting in Geneva 2012, but as it is already known for months, the Geneva conference in 2012 was completely worthless because all the so-called democratic governments in Europe and also the administration of the United States gave a shit about the alleged agreements at this conference in Geneva 2012. The so-called peace roadmap for Syria, the alleged result of the last conference on this topic in Geneva, was a joke and the masterminds behind the terrorism and destruction in and of Syria took it as a joke, too.

Russia was meanwhile just babbling and never had the balls to finally take actions, they even withdraw from a plan to investigate the situation in the Syrian city of Homs and to help the Syrian people there in order to restore security again. Not to mention that parts of the Russian Elite love their holiday resorts in England very much and don’t want to get blacklisted or banned from their money privileges.

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  1. Just a Syrian

    The time for talks is over. If Israel needs peace with Syria, the Golan heights must be returned immediately, and Palestine must be established as a sovereign state, in the borders of 1967. Otherwise there is no obvious reason, why Israel's attack on Sunday 5th remains unanswered.


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