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Syrian Security Seize Large Quantities of ISIS Weapons in Daraa

Syrian Security Seize Israeli and US Weapons in Daraa with ISIS Group

Syrian security seized large quantities of weapons and munition hidden in underground depots and arrested an ISIS group in the southern provinces of Daraa and Quneitra.

A Syrian security source said in a statement conveyed by the Syrian news agency SANA:

“After intensive monitoring and follow-up operations, the competent authorities, in cooperation with the people of the city of Jassim in Daraa countryside, seized underground warehouses containing large quantities of weapons in farms surrounding the city of Jassim and near the administrative borders of Quneitra Governorate.”

“The seized weapons included automatic rifles, military pistols, some of which were equipped with silencers, RPG launchers, PKC and RPG machine guns, snipers, anti-tank shells, armor, mortar platforms, various fillings, LAW, Drakon, and Concourse missiles, 12.7 machine guns, and grenades,” the security source told SANA reporter.

Activists also noticed among the seized weapons: Israeli Uzi mini-machine guns and Croatian RBG-6 grenade launchers.

The Syrian security arrested a group of the remnants of the US-founded, trained, armed, and commanded ISIS terrorists in the same southern region and is looking for more members of this terrorist organization.

US presidents Obama, Trump, and incumbent Biden maintain US troops in Syria under the guise of combating ISIS (ISIL – Daesh), but this has never been the case. The terrorist organization was founded by the CIA as explained by the former top Al Qaeda commander and the founder of Jihad in Egypt, an affiliation of Al Qaeda:

There are several thousands of US forces illegally deployed in Syria, ironically, they occupy Syria’s main oil fields in the northeastern region, and at the important border junction between Syria, Iraq, and Jordan to block any road transportation between these three countries, and within their years of illegal presence in Syria, the US troops have never been under any attack by ISIS, on the contrary, ISIS operates out of 50 kilometers protected area set by the US Army in the vicinity of its illegal base in the Al Tanf border region in the furthest southeastern Syrian desert.

News of the US Army rarely eliminating ISIS terrorists in Syria would be for local US propaganda use and taking out ISIS terrorists who went astray from their CIA handlers.

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