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Syrian Sappers Foil a Car Bomb Targeting an SAA Officer in Daraa

Terrorist Explosion in Daraa - file photo انفجار ارهابي في درعا - أرشيف

Syrian sappers managed to blow up a bomb planted under the vehicle of a Syrian Arab Army official in the city of Daraa yesterday Monday around 12:30 am, the sound of the explosion was heard all over the city.

Local sources reported that an IED (Improvised Explosive Device) was planted under the military vehicle of the head of the Recruitment Division of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) in the southern Syrian province of Daraa, the controlled detonation of the vehicle parked near the government complex in downtown Daraa was the safest solution deemed in this case.

There were no reports of any casualties and no reports of material damage from the explosion, the targeted officer was not near his vehicle and was not harmed.

Such terrorist attacks and plotting of terrorist attacks in the southern provinces of Daraa, Sweida, Quneitra, and the southern Damascus countryside and suburbs are mainly attributed to ISIS remnants operating out of the 50 kilometers safe zone provided by the Biden forces illegally deployed in the Al Tanf area in the furthest southeastern desert of Syria at the border junctions with Iraq and Jordan.

US military officials bragged on multiple occasions of their cooperation with an ISIS (ISIL) affiliated group dubbed ‘Maghawir Thawra’, the main recipient as well of US weapons, munitions, logistical supplies, and financial aid, in addition to intel information.

Most of the gears gifted to this Maghawir Thawra group including the infamous Toyota 4 x 4 pickup trucks mounted with machine guns are the same types seen with ISIS terrorists cruising freely in the open desert connecting Syria and Iraq in large column formations. A US military spokesperson even shared a video of their ‘military drill’ with their ‘partners’ in this ISIS-affiliated group claiming they cooperate with each other to combat ‘ISIS’!

This latest targeting in Daraa of a Syrian Arab Army official comes after similar attacks recently including the assassination of a Syrian Arab Army colonel with an IED planted in a civilian passenger car, he was off duty when the terrorists donated the car on the Damascus southern ring highway on the 7th of April, earlier this month.

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  1. Muhammad Turkmani

    Cowards, terrorism is the work of cowards and the USA is the world’s largest sponsor of terrorism and terrorist groups, they create them, arm them, use them, then claim they combat them to continue the job the terrorists started in the targeted countries.


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