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Daraa: Syrian Law Enforcement Seize Large Quantity of Weapons

Syrian security seize large quantity of weapons in Daraa - السلطات السورية تصادر كميات كبيرة من اﻷسلحة في درعا

Daraa: A large quantity of assorted weapons were seized by the Syrian law enforcement authorities in the southern Syrian province dubbed by NATO media ‘the cradle of the peaceful uprising’, some of the weapons seized were American-made.

The confiscated weapons included automatic rifles, assassination pistols, snipers, RPGs, anti-armor and anti-aircraft weapons, hand grenades, and various ammunition in large quantities.

Despite the long process of reconciliation after expelling NATO-sponsored ‘foreign legion‘ aka ISIS from Daraa Balad in September of the last year 2021, many terrorists who signed up for the reconciliation process to remain in their land have kept their weapons hidden and did not declare them, latest terrorist attacks in the province post its liberation resulted in introducing a new law to restrict the use of weapons all over Syria.

Local tribal notables in Daraa played an essential role in helping their tribesmen and the authorities over the past three months to formulate a process to eliminate non-personal non-licensed weapons.

Until this very day, many western propagandists and officials claim that the terrorism in Syria was only peaceful protests infiltrated by armed groups, a narrative used by NATO leaders to grant themselves permission to invade Syria under the pretext of fighting those armed groups and protecting the Syrian people, their direct intervention doubled the deaths and destruction in the country, the entirety of the city of Raqqa was leveled down by NATO forces claiming they were combating ISIS in the city, with no mandate from the United Nations and against the will of the Syrian government.

Those same NATO leaders, and their NATO media parrots, are flooding the screens and international arenas now to ‘defend the sovereignty of Ukraine’ against what they called ‘foreign invasions’; if the invasion is carried out by NATO and its proxies for no good, they deem it needed and cheer for it, and if it’s to actually combat NATO and its armed proxies illegal presence in sovereign countries, they deem it terrorism and illegal invasion, NATO is an evil alliance that only caused the destruction of countries and the killing, maiming, and displacing tens of millions of innocent people over the past 4 decades.

The latest collection of weapons seized in Daraa despite its large quantity comprises a small portion of what the ‘generous’ taxpayers in NATO member states have gifted fighters in Syria who joined terrorist groups the likes of ISIS, Nusra Front, White Helmets, and the Kurdish SDF.

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  1. Huda Hajjar

    So many lives destroyed in Syria by these weapons, for what? Who benefited and where? I don’t think those who are cheering for the wars in the west are the ones who benefit from the wars, but why they allow their elected politicians to continue with these wars?!


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