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More Weapons, Munition, and a Drone for NATO Terrorists Seized in Daraa

NATO Terrorsits Weapons munition communication devices drone seized in Daraa

More weapons were seized in the province of Daraa, in the southern region, some of the weapons were handed over by former terrorists, and the rest were unearthed after a series of raids on houses and farmlands.

It’s been 3 months since the Syrian Arab Army and its allies concluded the liberation of the southern Syrian province of Daraa from NATO-sponsored Al Qaeda and ISIS terrorists and their affiliates, however, some few attacks and assassinations occurred since last September that led the Syrian law enforcement agencies in the province to intensify their work searching for dens used by the terrorists within the province to store their weapons and use it as hideouts when coming from the US-illegally-controlled Al Tanf area to carry out their terrorism against the people of Daraa and against their former colleagues who joined the reconciliations.

Some of those former terrorists seem to have dropped completely the idea of working as pawns for NATO, Gulfies, and Israel and decided to surrender the weapons they hid after formally signing in the reconciliation which includes an amnesty and restoring their normal lives if they stop being terrorists.

In addition to the weapons handed over by its owners, family members of the terrorists, getting tired of the terrorism inflicted upon them by NATO and co, and after the terrorists targeted some of the notables in the province and have prevented them from planting their own fields and resuming the work in their businesses, have helped the law enforcement in unearthing a number of dens where assorted weapons were discovered, some of which were packed to be smuggled into other Syrian provinces and destroy the lives of more families in those provinces.

In total, a reporter for the Syrian news agency SANA concluded that among the confiscated weapons are PKC machine guns, a large number of automatic rifles, RPGs with their charges, snipers, DShK shots, 14.5 mm machine guns, 122 mm mortars with grenades, grenades, communication devices, a small reconnaissance drone, IEDs, anti-armor mines.

As analysts, and especially as Syrians, we fail to understand the generosity of western taxpayers in pouring their hard-earned cash money to finance these terrorists with all sorts of weapons which are not cheap, and advanced and expensive open satellite communication devices and connections, prioritizing the killing and maiming of Syrian people, destroying their properties and public infrastructure over the wellbeing and welfare of their own children in the western world. From our observation, we don’t see they’re doing that well in general in all the countries that are sponsoring the ‘freedom fighters’ in Syria to set aside tens of billions of dollars, sterling pounds, and Euros for these criminals to commit their crimes.

And yeah, Merry Christmas.

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