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Israel Bombs the Outskirts of Damascus Killing and Injuring 7 SAA Soldiers

Israel bombs the outskirts of Damascus - Syria - file photo - عدوان اسرائيلي على محيط دمشق سورية

Israel bombed the outskirts of the Syrian capital Damascus for the 3rd time in the past month, the Syrian air defense units managed to shoot down most of the incoming missiles but it was overwhelmed and some missiles reached their targets.

The Syrian news agency Sana reported the news citing a military spokesperson who stated:

‘At approximately 12:41 am this morning, the Israeli enemy carried out an air attack with bursts of missiles from the direction of Tiberias, targeting some points in the vicinity of Damascus.’

The statement added:

‘After examining the results of the aggression, it was found that four soldiers were martyred, three others were wounded, and some material losses occurred.’

SAA air defense unit addressing incoming missiles

The video is also available on Rumble.

Residents in Damascus we managed to call said they heard very loud sounds of explosions, louder than the sounds they got accustomed to in previous Israeli bombings.

This latest Israeli aggression comes less than two weeks after its last bombing targeting sites near Damascus and less than three weeks after its first bombing this month alone, the 10th of April bombing targeted central Syria.

Political and military analysts point to many factors behind the Israeli escalations against Syria, some are domestic due to the retaliating uprising of the Palestinians against the increased brutal Israeli systematic oppressions carried on the occupied people, especially after the war criminal so-called Bennett formed his weak cabinet, not that his predecessor, the established war criminal, and corrupt Netanyahu was any better.

Among the other reasons, there are the desperate attempts to help the Zionist Nazi regime of Zelensky in Ukraine by the ‘collective west’ using Israel as their forefront base to ignite a regional war that would divert Russia’s attention from Ukraine, they did offer President Putin on multiple occasions to either give up his support to Syria or Ukraine in exchange for the other.

The Israelis also need the US troops to be present in any coming war to fight on their behalf, the Pentagon’s plans to withdraw from West Asia freaked out the Zionist leaders, and have escalated their attacks on Syria since Trump floated the idea to withdraw of his troops from Syria.

Have no doubt that the entirety of Europe, the USA, their other western and NATO partners, and for some weird reasons Russia, would help Israel in the event of any new regional war, the strange ludicrous Russian – Israeli agreement to coordinate the bombing of Syria added to the reluctancy of Russia to replenish the Syrian air defense systems severely damaged by the US-sponsored Al Qaeda terrorists during the first years of the US-led war of terror against Syria dubbed the ‘Arab Spring’, especially delaying the delivery of the already dated S300 air defense systems bought by Syria in 2010.

The European countries and Russia have worked hard since the early last century to expel their Jewish citizens and ship them to Palestine, they will do whatever they’re capable of to prevent the return of those citizens to their home countries whether in Europe or in Russia. Stalin raced other nations, including the USA to recognize Israel 3 days after the latter declared its establishment over occupied Palestinian land; Stalin, like his predecessors, was worried that the Zionist movement would consider Crimea instead of Palestine as their ‘promised land’ and home of their ‘forefathers’, the Zionists were weighing between Crimea, Palestine, and the Argentines before settling on Palestine after the infamous Balfour Declaration by Britain in 1917, yet, the worries continued through 1948 and continue to haunt the Russian officials today.

Syria is determined to liberate all its land including the Golan occupied by Israel, at all costs, the Syrian armed forces have reserved troops focused only on the front with Israel, these troops have not engaged directly in any major battle and are assigned to face off Israel in the even of war, despite the ongoing 11 years of war of terror and war of attrition waged against the Syrian by all powers of evil in the world led by the USA and comprised of all of NATO spearheaded by Turkey, NATO’s second-largest country and army in NATO, Israel, the Gulfies mainly the Saudis and Qataris, and the herds of tens of thousands of the subhumans of Al Qaeda, ISIS, and their affiliated groups.

The build-up of the Syrian military capabilities, largely set back due to the constant terrorist attacks, requires reliable allies, Russia, sadly, still needs to make up its mind about whose side it should support and whose side is its real enemies, something blurring the eyes of the decision-makers in the Russian higher-ups, maybe their global strategic plans shadow the more-needed tactical plans, their agreements with Israel over bombing Syria, their reluctancy in providing Syria with the needed weaponry most of which Syria had already paid for, their weird generosity with the regime of the unreliable flip flop hypocrite Turkish madman Erdogan, and their middle-roles between Syria and its existential enemies all are giving negative sentiment among the Syrian people in general.

These attacks by Israel which it calls ‘battles between the wars’ also add up to the anger of the Syrian people toward Syria’s allies, however, when red lines are crossed, all of those backing Israel will be stunned by the Syrian retaliation and then they would have lost any leverage over the fate of Israel with the Syrian people and their leadership.

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    Nazi Zionist criminals, not sure which is more descriptive: Nazi Zionists or Zionist Nazis or simply just Satan’s children.


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