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Syrian Refugees Try to Flee a Concentration Camp in Turkey

Crowds of Syrian refugees break out of Akcakale concentration camp in Sanliurfa, Turkey after a fire caused the death of a child and injured 2 more.

Turkey’s Muslim Brotherhood government working for the USA interests in the region erected a number of camps to host refugees who would escape the clashes that would happen weeks before it happened, which points a finger, or all fingers, directly to the deep involvement in the preparations of the waves of terror Syria is witnessing since 2 years now and claimed the lives of about 70,000 per the UN reports.

300 of the locked refugees asked to leave the camp due to the miserable conditions they suffer while Erdogan thugs were firing tear gas at them and using strong water cannons to push them back. It’s not strange for a government that treats its own people of non-Islamist ethnic backgrounds very badly, to treat the refugees it continuously complain of their increased numbers due to the longevity of the Syrian crisis, and the fail of the NATO and stooges to topple the Syrian president Bashar Al Assad and his government.

Hundreds of rape cases were reported from the very beginning of the Syrian crisis among the women refugees held in one of the concentration camps in Antalya, among other crimes Syrians suffered by the Islamist Caliph wannabe Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

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    Clashes erupt between Turkish police, Syrian refugees at a camp near border


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