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For the Arab League, the possibility of a peaceful and political settlement of the conflict in Syria does not even seem to play a secondary role. Yesterday, the Arab League (AL) let announce by its chief Nabil al-Arabi that the goal now is to “restore the balance between the warring sides”.

Qatar spoke through the mouth of the Prime Minister, Foreign Minister and big obscurantist, Hamad ben Dschassem al Thani, about the opinion that “a political solution must not mean that this solution has to be peaceful”.

De facto, the Arab League (AL) violates its own constitution, which clearly states that the interference in the internal affairs of its member states is prohibited. Qatar, which has disappeared for a while from the scene, is now full here again and totally eager to perform its war to the last Syrian.

It seems that the replacement version for Qatar, thus, the investment in the Egyptian Port Said in the context of the local unrest and the anticipated collapse of Egypt, has become a lower priority again. So, they have once again to take care about Syria und they will try to destroy the enemy at any cost.

ANNA-News quotes inside sources and writes:

The so-called Council of Forty (unclear – apxwn), in which are high-ranking officials of the Defense and the U.S. State Department members and thus deals with the strategic issues of U.S. policy, has discussed the attempt to create an independent government entity in the north-eastern Syria, which could act as a barrier for the Iranian natural gas pipelines to the Mediterranean and Europe and at the same time, this step could clarify the context for such a pipeline from Qatar through Jordan to the Turkish section of “Nabucco”.

The United States have failed to finally arrange with Iran. Consequently, Netanyahu was successful to win Obama over to the situation to continue to carry out the war (against Syria) by the Hands of the Salafists…

That reads first quite emotional and upset, but one is able to pick out a thing:

The resuscitation of the idea of a gas pipeline which begins in Qatar and which flows in direction of Europe and is thus the line through the Syrian section of the Iranian pipeline is the price for which the Emir of Qatar should pay now.

In this case, the financing of the bandits and terrorists in Syria will again rise sharply. It is to expect that this coming wave, however, will arrive a multiple violent and massive (in Syria) – the time is running out, because the Iranian natural gas comes closer and closer to Europe.

Massive arms shipments, including heavy weapons as well as air defense, and new masses of “human resources” from everywhere.

One obstacle could be, as always, the position of Russia, however, the events in Cyprus show clearly, at which point the Russian elite is vulnerable, while they are (at the same time) certainly a signal to the Russian leadership: remain stubborn to them, then your “white band” will soon appear as an Easter walk, when your Elite starts to revolt, after they were simply plundered by the West.

Will Russia relent now; the weak point of Russia is clearly shown to the eyes of the entire world. Then a threat from the shipped finances from there to abroad will be the main argument in any future dispute.

So far, it looks like this: the RF (Russia) has again appointed an ambassador for Qatar after the close down of diplomatic relations in connection with the scandal about Titorenko.


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  1. cassandra

    Sorry but I do not believe Netanyahu/Israel prefers the salafists. On the contrary. But he is being pressured by Obama. America has its own bases in Israel that Israelis cannot access. Netanyahu is trapped.


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