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Syrian President Assad: Arab League Lacks Legitimacy

Assad Interview

The Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has said in a reaction to the new seat at the Qatari-lead Arab League (AL) for the Western-backed invented external Syrian opposition that the Arab League “lacks legitimacy” and many Syrian and other Arab citizens will agree to this statement of the Syrian President.

The statement of the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad was published on Thursday. The President of Syria said the following in his interview with a Turkish media channel:

The Arab League lacks legitimacy. It’s a league that represents the Arab states, not the Arab people, so it can’t grant or retract legitimacy.

The statement of the Syrian President Assad was a reaction to the two-day summit of the Arab League (AL) in the Qatari capital Doha, where the Qatari-lead Arab League (AL) handed the seat of the founding member Syria to the Western-backed and founded external Syrian opposition – the so-called Syrian National Council (SNC) on March 26.

This step violates the basic laws and the room to move of the Arab League (AL) but it is already known since a long time that the Arab League (AL) is just a meeting of clowns, which has never really cared about the important topics for the citizens of their countries. Palestine, the reason why the Arab League (AL) has been founded years ago, is a very good example.

The Arab League (AL) just started to care about Palestine last year – in order to maintain their image. Qatar has become the mastermind and leader of the Arab League (AL) and it is no surprise that many actions were ordered out of Doha.

The Arab League (AL) also violates their own laws with the authorisation to all its member states that these Arab states are finally allowed to send all means of self-defence to Syria. This means all kind of weapons and equipment for the foreign-backed armed militants, jihadists and al Qaeda thugs in Syria.

So it is no real surprise that the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad criticized the Arab League (AL) for these violations of their own constitution. President Assad has further said in this interview with the Turkish media that “real legitimacy is not accorded by organizations or foreign officials or other country… legitimacy is that which is granted by the people”.

Bashar al-Assad closed with the words that “all these theatrics have no value in our eyes” when he spoke about the Qatari-led Arab League (AL) and their clear violations of their own laws.

Turkey’s Ulusal television and Aydinlik newspaper have conducted this interview with Bashar al-Assad on April 2 and the full interview with the Syrian President will be aired today.

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