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Iraqi Intelligence Officials: Al-Qaeda Terrorists are Helping Syrian Militants

al Qaeda - Sponsord by the CIA

Syria / Iraq – Some officials of the Iraqi intelligence said that the al-Qaeda terrorists in Iraq have increased their cooperation with the foreign-backed jihadists, terrorist and militants in Syria over the last months.

According to these sources and Iraqi authorities, the terrorists of al-Qaeda in Iraq were facilitating the al-Nusra Front terrorist group in Syria.

The now famous al-Nusra Front in Syria has emerged in the middle of the year 2012 in Syria and is fighting against the Syrian Arab army and the secular leadership of Syria, while they are nothing else than a group of radical terrorists with al Qaeda mentality and affiliation.

The armed jihadists and religious fanatics of this al-Nusra Front in Syria belong to the horrible creatures which are carrying out the most brutal violations of human rights in Syria, but it is not like all these violations, terrorism and bomb attacks against Syrian civilians are only carried out by this al-Nusra front.

This allegation is just helpful for the real masterminds behind the armed militias in Syria in order to still cover the fact that their supported armed thugs, jihadists and “freedom fighters” (“rebels”) also carry out human rights violations, massacres and a lot of terrorism; in addition to rapes, tortures, abuses and desecrations.

The unnamed Iraqi sources from the Iraqi intelligence also said that the two terrorists group shared about three military training compounds in addition to the shared intelligence, weapons and logistics along the border area between Iraq and Syria. It seems to be no question that some foreign masters helped these terrorists group to establish these training camps and logistics. Not to mention that is already seems like these terrorists in Syria receive a lot of weapons from abroad by the help of Jordan, Lebanon, Israel, Ukraine, Croatia and other countries.

The spokesperson of the government in Iraq, Ali al-Moussawi, said a short time ago, that the administration of Iraq is very concerned about the security situation in Iraq, because this border area with Syria is “a nest of terrorist cells”.

Beside the Iraqi intelligence sources also a source of the Jordan intelligence spoke about the complicity between the al-Qaeda radicals and terrorists in Iraq with the jihadists and thugs of the al-Nusra Front in Syria. This unnamed Jordan intelligence official even said, that the terrorists of al-Qaeda in Iraq is helping the Islamists and jihadists of the al-Nusra Front in Syria with “all possible means, including weapons, fighters and training”.

This unnamed source from Jordan added that the elements of the radical al-Nusra Front learn how to fire machine guns and rockets in these training areas at the Iraqi-Syrian border. They also learn how to manoeuvre in the desert terrain and how they should supply the fighters in the field with further arms and ammunition.

This training of these terrorists was conducted in “temporary camps in a no-man`s land” along the border between Syria and Iraq, according to this unnamed Jordan official from the intelligence. But one should mention that the Jordan authorities and the so-called king of Jordan support the armed militants, too. There are training camps for terrorists and it is no secret that Jordan helps to deliver foreign arms and equipment to these terrorists and jihadists, while they also help them to penetrate into Syria.

The Jordan king is known and famous for being a US-slave and this fact has never changed in recent years. It is the same known secret like everybody knows that the sultan of Oman likes to meet attractive male teenagers (while homosexuality is outlawed in Oman).

But to be honest, rather gay sultans like him than the radical and dangerous leaders of Saudi-Arabia and Qatar. And it is to mention that Oman is just passing the decisions of these other Gulf States because the Omani administration and sultan has no power to reject any decisions of Qatar and Saudi Arabia. The Omani leadership and sultan are more peaceful and intelligent than the terroristic administrations and so-called kings of Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

The so-called radical al-Nusra Front in Syria has claimed responsibility for many of the bombings and attacks inside Syria and is guilty of endless human rights violations and sectarian killings. The Iraqi intelligence officials mentioned finally that about 750 terrorists from the al-Qaeda near al-Nusra Front, which also includes many thugs and jihadists from other Arab countries, were among some 2,000 foreign-backed militants based in the border area between Syria and Iraq.

When it is mentioned that these militants are foreign-backed, it is meant that these radical elements are supported by some NATO countries, the United States, some Gulf States like Qatar and Saudi Arabia, but even by some European governments, organisations and even human rights organisations, which became propaganda tools over the years.

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