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Numbers of Terrorists Killed in Syria, Mainstream Media Fail to Mention

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Last month March 2013, was just a regular month in Syria since the starting of the Syrian crisis in regards with the number of terrorists killed. We heard in the mainstream media about horrific figures killed hinting they’re Syrian civilians killed by the Syrian Army, a typical statement in the demonizing policy NATO’s propagandists and warmongers followed since the very start.

What mainstream media seems to fail is to count the numbers of the terrorists killed among the figures they show, and more important the number of Syrian civilians and Syrian Army soldiers and policemen killed by the Wahhabi Sex Jihadists aka FSA or Nusra Front aka Al Qaeda Levant, which in reality are the majority killed by these mercenary terrorists. They don’t fail to claim there are hundreds of terrorists joining the fight weekly in Syria against the Syrians, their state and their army, though!

Here’s part of what you miss on NATO’s mainstream media, which real Syrian activists managed to count and identify from the terrorists killed totaling 1,807 cavemen, and detailed province-wise:

  • 120  killed in Idleb
  • 041  killed in Hasaka
  • 110  killed in Raqqa
  • 018  killed in Quneitra
  • 015  killed in Latakkia (hundreds more but difficult to count in the mountainous border region)
  • 247 killed in Aleppo
  • 072 killed in Hama
  • 305 killed in Homs
  • 211  killed in Daraa
  • 095 killed in Der Ezzor
  • 573 killed in Damascus and Damascus Countryside

GRAPHIC contents, some of the video clips showing some of the terrorists killed last month March 2013:

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