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Thirty Five Thousand Syrian Refugees Escaped AlZaatari Camp

zaatari camp

Thirty five thousand Syrian refugees returned from AlZaatari refugee camp to Syria, since the beginning of the crisis. Syrians are escaping the bad living conditions in the refugee camp in Jordan.

Media spokesperson of the Higher Committee for Syrian Refugee Affairs in Jordan Anmar Hamoud told journalists that 34,824 returned willingly to their country Syria.

“Just yesterday, Jordan had returned 2500 refugee who requested to be allowed back to their country.”

Syrians have been getting back increasingly during recent months, due to the horrid living conditions. The camp lacks minimal services or security. Women and children are living in constant fear of kidnap, sexual molestation or rape. The camp is considered fertile ground for Salafist indoctrination and FSA recruiters.

Documentary by channel 4 on the poor conditions in the refugee camp and the fears of those living in them:

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  1. look what they done

    So refugee camps now become a paradise for voluptuous Saudis and Kathari men.

    Sponsored with the taxpayers money for weapons and massmedia bias against Syria makes look Cameron, Hague and their accomplices as a slimy and repugnant pimps beyond any moral.


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