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Syrian Elections “Lebanon”


1525493_715256878522162_2629587809290151153_nHundreds, no thousands of Syrian citizens in Lebanon poured through the streets leading to the Syrian embassy in Yarze to vote and say we want freedom, we want all to hear our voice, we are all against terrorism we are with the man who kept Syria standing.

however and due to the high amount of people who have arrived today more than expected Syrian embassy in Lebanon extended voting in presidential election for one day.

“The Syrian embassy in Beirut decided to extend the voting of Syrian elections one additional day,” National News agency reported on Wednesday.1525493_715256878522162_2629587809290151153_n 10376050_715256795188837_8798036042958783878_n 10402489_715256955188821_1570254442604220790_n

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