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First Footage from inside Aleppo Central Prison

Map of Aleppo Central Prison

After months of siege by the world’s filthiest barbarian mercenaries, the Syrian Arab Army manages to break through the siege and get inside Aleppo Central Prison, welcomed by guards who didn’t take a leave for over 14 months at least, didn’t eat a fresh meal, didn’t have a chance even to shave, the SAA heroes wrote history.

Strategically located to the north of Aleppo and northwest of the Industrial City, the Central Prison was supposed to serve a blow to the morale of the Syrian armed forces and to raise the morale of the international coalition of criminal anti-Islamic Wahhabi mercenary terrorists. The prison stood and its guards though paid a hefty price to save it and save the prisoners inside, they managed to thwart numerous attempts by suicide bombers and other brainwashed soldiers of evil.

Map of Aleppo Central Prison
Map of Aleppo Central Prison

Out of the numerous attempts to break through into the prison by the terrorists 18 at least were severe and accompanied by suicide bombing at the gates and heavy shelling with artillery and tanks. Usually terrorists from Wahhabistan aka Saudi Arabia would drive armored vehicles into the gates of the targets and blow themselves up to allow passage of herds of their barbarian friends after, even this technique failed with the defenders of the prison who carried out opposite attacks with ultra brave men going on missions among the ranks of terrorists and terrifying them there.

Following footage was taken by Syrian Ikhbariya Satellite News Channel which is banned by the way by the free speech promoters in the European Union and in the USA:

Men like these don’t fear death and terrify  the terrorists:

Live Free or Die Standing
Live Free or Die Standing – Guards Protecting Aleppo Central Prison for over 14 months no leave

The legendary steadfastness of the men defending the Aleppo Central Prison reminds us with many similar heroic and brave acts by Syrian men like the super heroes who were guarding Al-Kindi Hospital near Aleppo until they ran out of ammunition and were slaughtered later. The legendary Meng Military Airport guards who kept fighting until the last moment and the last bullet. And similar heroism dates to the early dates of the Syrian crisis like in the case of Jisr Shoghour security building and the first big scale massacre against unarmed men, the men who fought until they ran out of ammunition then were killed with cold blood field execution style and even had their dead bodies lynched.

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  1. Tahir Shabbir

    Its only a matter of time now.. before the SAA links up with its outlying outposts in the North and then takes the fight to the Hairy Barbarians in south west. And then teh Syrian people can go back to rebuilding their nation in Peace.. Safe from the Saudis who will be gnashing their teeth in impotent fury.

  2. Marcel

    Ste frajeri, historia stojí na Vašej strane. Sami neviete, ako celý svet stojí na vašej strane. Nevstanem jedno ráno aby som so svojím otcom nevedel, čo sa u Vás stalo. Boh Vám žehnaj priatelia. Kvet stromu slivka pochádza z Damašku, raketa pochádza z ameriky. Zmrd nežije večne. Pravda víťazí.


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