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Syrian Drug Enforcement Agency Seized 800 Kgs of Hashish in Homs

800 kgs of hashish seized by Syrian authorities in Homs

Syrian Drug Enforcement Agency seized 800 kg of hashish and arrested two of those involved. The law enforcement agency’s latest bust was carried out based on a tip from locals about a number of people trafficking and promoting narcotic drugs in the province of Homs, central Syria.

“Promoting” is the act of first giving out free samples, then selling them at reduced rates for the purpose of creating addiction. Once hooked, the addicts must then pay the full price. It must be made clear that this form hashish can’t be compared to marijuana in the US. It’s more similar to heroin, with its addictive ability, its corruption of the soul, and expansion of various forms of robbery crimes to pay for it.

Some of the quantities were hidden in vegetable boxes containing grape leaves loaded on small pick up vehicles.

Two vehicles were confiscated in addition to the quantity seized and the two men arrested, the investigations are ongoing to determine the identities of the rest of the criminal gang and bring them to justice accordingly, as per a statement from the Ministry of Interior.

Laws in Syria are very strict against drug traffickers with penalties reaching the capital punishment for promoters and drug dealers.

Syria was almost drug-free until the United States and its followers in the region sent tens of thousands of takfiri terrorists from al-Qaeda and its derivatives and supported them with all means of killing and destruction tools to ‘spread democracy and protect freedom of expression,’ according to US officials and their agents in the region, especially agents from countries that lack the simplest forms of expression or democracy like Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Turkey which recently joined them, the country that has been transformed from a secular politically active country into an absolute dictatorship and oppression under the presidency of NATO’s madman leader Erdogan.

Ever since the US-sponsored ‘democratizing’ of Syria, the country witnessed a dramatic increase in drug trafficking and promoting. Terrorists of Al-Qaeda and other US-created and sponsored fanatic groups need to be highly drugged to be capable of carrying out the atrocities of ‘spreading democracy to their victims’ in ways of massacres, dismembering and mutilation of bodies, and cannibalism like the case of the commanders of the FSA. Captagon is the potentiated drug that fuels the depraved violence among the terrorists, while the fostered addiction to hash creates a derelict substratum of a population that is forced into less heinous but also chronic crimes against civilians, against the stability of society.

Homs province is the largest province in Syria bordering three countries and the provinces of Damascus Countryside, Hama, and Deir Ezzor. Terrorists move with more ease in the open deserts connecting those three countries where the US has a notable presence, it’s no secret that the CIA, the US ‘intelligence’ agency, runs a global network of drugs cartels to finance its black-ops and to keep the terrorists it sponsors active. ISIS terrorists in east and southeast the Homs open desert enjoy direct protection from Trump forces in Al Tanf Area, in Iraq’s Anbar Province, and in areas in eastern Lebanon where planting Hashish is a thriving business with the help of some corrupt Lebanese officials of the so-called 14 March Movement.

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  1. Miri

    Note to westerners who might not grasp the difference between Levantine hash & weed: If you can understand when new ‘strains’ of heroin get dumped into your cities that have higher death rates, which sometimes come with Public Health warnings to heroin addicts, you should be able to understand that this huge amount of confiscated hash is also a different ‘strain.’


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