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Syrian Army Eliminates Al Qaeda Terrorist Commander in Southern Aleppo

NATO sponsored al qaeda terrorists in northern Syria

Syrian Arab Army units operating in southern Aleppo countryside eliminated a top commander of one of the Al Qaeda-affiliated terrorist groups in artillery shelling of the group’s gathering in the morning hours of today, Monday 11 July, local sources confirmed.

Official Syrian sources have not yet commented on the incident, local sources from the towns cleaned from Al Qaeda earlier propagandists for Al Qaeda confirmed the targeting in separate reports; the eliminated terrorist was identified as Ahmad Najjar, the ‘military’ commander of a so-called Levant Rebels, a terrorist group operating under the Turkey-sponsored Nusra Front aka Al Qaeda Levant.

The local sources added that another terrorist identified as Muhammad Hallaq was injured in the artillery shelling along with his commander, the shelling took place near the village of Kfar Amma in the southwestern countryside of Aleppo near the provincial borders of Idlib.

Turkey-sponsored Al Qaeda Levant (Nusra Front – Hayat Tahrir Sham…) and its affiliated terrorist groups of the FSA, or what’s left of it – Izzat Army, Faylaq Al-Sham, and several other smaller groups control most of the province of Idlib, parts of the western Aleppo countryside, and some parts of the northwest of Hama province, the Syrian army was stopped from cleaning these areas after the Turkish madman Erdogan pledged before the Russian President Putin and the Iranian former President Rouhanit that he will dismantle these groups in order to avoid an influx of terrorists into Turkey, a task articulated in what was known as the Idlib Agreement, he was obviously lying about as instead of dismantling his proxy terrorist groups, he beefed them up with new recruits and with weapons.

Another attempt by the Syrian Arab Army to carry out a military operation to clean up the northern region from the terrorists was also stopped at the request of the Russian President Putin after the Turkish madman Erdogan flew to Moscow in early March 2020, and once again, he pledged before Mr. Putin to carry out his failed promise, the Idlib Agreement became known as the Moscow pledge, yet again, Erdogan failed to keep his promise.

In all the previous agreements, the Syrian Army maintained the full right to target any terrorist group operating under the Al Qaeda Levant umbrella at will as they are not included in the Idlib – Moscow agreements.

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