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Syrian Arab Army Unit Carries out Military Drill with Russian Army

Syrian Arab Army SAA military drill with Russian Army مناورات بالذخيرة الحية للجيش العربي السوري مع الجيش الروسي

A Syrian Arab Army unit carried out a military drill in the Aleppo region with live munition in cooperation with the Russian military advisers in Syria, the drill was attended by the top commanders of the Syrian armed forces and the Russian army based in Syria.

The military drill included an attack on a mock enemy fortification across a lake shore driving tanks underwater, and bombing with different types of weapons, helicopters, fighter jets, air defense, and artillery.

A pontoon bridge was erected over the water barrier by the Syrian unit participating in the drill, Syrian infantry and tank units crossed over the bridge to the other bank of the water barrier in the face of active firing from the mock enemy.

The video is also available on YouTube, BitChute, and Rumble.

Syrian news agency Sana reporting on the military drill said that the military drill was successfully conducted, the Syrian minister of defense attending the drill praised the high skills of the participating units and their Russian advisors adding: ‘Syria is determined to follow the march of achievements and victories, to continue confronting aggression, and to liberate every inch of its land from all terrorism and occupation.’

The Syrian Arab Army military drill is a direct message of deterrence to the regime of the Turkish madman Erdogan and emphasizes Syria’s readiness to confront any planned Turkish aggression and to liberate the areas currently occupied by NATO and stooges, the USA, Turkey, Israel, Al Qaeda, ISIS (ISIL), and their affiliated terrorist group.

A Russian news channel ‘Russvesna’ distributing the above ‘exclusive footage’ of the military drill said that artillery units from the US-sponsored Kurdish SDF separatists participated in the drill, a 180 degrees shift in the Kurdish group’s policy or just a usual tactical move to confront the Turks while still working for the US occupation forces and for Israel? Time will tell, previous experiences with the Kurdish SDF separatists are not promising, full of betrayal and back-stabbing, leading us, Syrian activists to define them as a terrorist group.

This is the Syrian Arab Army that is always ready to defend the homeland and the Syrian despite it has been battling for 11.5 years the forces of evil comprising tens of thousands of anti-Islamic Al Qaeda and ISIS terrorists, NATO’s first, second, and third largest armies of the USA, Turkey, and the UK special forces, and standing up for Israel which is aiding the terrorists in Syria by firing missiles from behind the borders against Syria.

This is the same army whose steadfastness, heroism, and bravery have put a stop to the US hegemony that was sweeping the world and gave chance to Russia, Iran, and even China to come out from the dark, build up their forces and emerge as the world’s new super and regional powers they are today, whose sacrifices have inspired and allowed other countries around the globe to stand up to the US evil empire all the way to Venezuela in the far west right under the beast’s belly.

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