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Syria, Ain Dara

Syria’s Parliament hopes US Congress will vote against the war on Damascus.

There are several new statements from Syria. Of course, in regards of the possible US-led military strike on the Arab country, the conflict and usual turmoil in and around the Middle Eastern region. Further, there is also another warning about the dire consequences of a US-led attack on Syria for the country, the Syrian people and the entire Middle East.

For example, the Syrian Deputy Foreign Minister, Faisal Miqdad, stated that any US strike on Syria would even be dangerous to the world and it might be the situation that he is warning is correct.

The Deputy Foreign Minister of Syria said in a new interview that a possible US-led military attack on his country would turn out as a dangerous war. Faisal Miqdad also added to his statement that the decision by Washington to launch the war on Syria would be dangerous for the world, too.

The Deputy Foreign Minister of Syria said that such a dangerous move threatens the peace and security not only of the Middle Eastern region, but also of the entire world. Syria’s Deputy Foreign Minister Faisal Miqdad made these new remarks in an interview with the Arab TV channel of al-Ekhbaria TV on Friday night.

Faisal Miqdad warned against the dire consequences of such a military move against Damascus by US-led military forces and stated that U.S. President Barack Obama should not forget that the United States have “become isolated” in terms of its war plans against Damascus and that the opposition against such a war on Damascus is increasing on the world.

Afterwards, the Syrian Minister urged the US Congress to make a wise decision and to prevent the war on his country by their rejection of the dangerous US administration-proposed resolution to attack Syria. He also stated that it should be already a sign for everybody that some of the United States’ closest allies have rejected to participate in a possible US-led war against the Syrian nation.

In the meantime, also the Parliament Speaker of Syria, Jihad al-Laham, has called on the US lawmaker and members of the American Congress to vote against the dangerous resolution that would authorize a US military strike on Syria. Jihad al-Laham, Syria’s Parliament Speaker, said in a new interview that the US congressmen should make a wise and peaceful decision and reject the war against another country.

The Parliament Speaker from Damascus further stated that instead of fighting against each other in a possible baseless and senseless war, both sides should cooperate in order to combat terrorism. The Syria’s Parliament Speaker also called on the U.S. administration of President Obama to conduct “a civilized dialogue and not… a dialogue of blood and fire.”

Syria, Ain Dara
Syria, Ain Dara

According to the Syrian state news agency SANA, Syria’s Parliament Speaker Jihad al-Laham made this appeal in a letter to the US House Speaker, John Boehner. However, about John Boehner is already known that he is not only a warmonger, but also a very dangerous person in the ranks of the US administration.

John Boehner has recently not only rejected the proposal to meet with an official Russian delegation of the Duma, but also supports the war plans by the Obama administration against Syria. Some say, he is a Zionist. We cannot confirm or refuse this claim.

Syria’s Parliament Speaker further mentioned the following quote in this official letter to the House Speaker in the United States:

“We write to you as fathers and mothers, as members of families and communities which really are not so different to yours. Moreover, we write to you as human beings asking: if you bomb us, shall we not bleed?! (…) The innocent people will be harmed.”

The Parliament Speaker from Damascus finally urged the members of the US Congress to visit Syria in order to be able to rate the situation before they will bomb it into the middle ages.

He wrote in the letter to the House Speaker, “Come to Syria to measure the situation before you cut — especially when the cloth that will be cut is human flesh. (…)  We can together generate a road map for a joint effective effort against terrorism.”

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  1. Mohammad ilham

    I guess the american did not compare clearly the Book of Enoch and the Old Testament to understand what GOD has say about Damascus and the Assyrian…I also believe that they dont learn Hadit and Alquran properly…The attack of Damascus will burn the Mahzab priority and create the Black banner…its high probability to create AL-MAHDI too…..and if this really happening…even the whole world will dooming…the throne will never be theirs….and even the arab legacy will be down…the world of ISLAM will be 1 voice 1 world…and its endless possibility as what Israel even think and imagine about its…rhetorically, what ever Israel and USA doing will be back to them in very strange way…..very,very strange way as enoch said…Your,gold,silver,lead,tin,copper will be useless……….

  2. Robert

    Arklight the Bible speaks that most humans are sheep that will follow any other man, woman or child into the fiery pits of Hell. People avoid reality and for that they will all be dead instead of having a chance to survive the nuclear war that is soon to come.


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