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Russian Duma: Some US Officials Refuse a Meeting on Syria

US Soldier rejects to fight in Syria for al-Qaeda.

Damascus: Car bomb attack in Sumaria.

While another car bomb has hit the area of Sumaria in the Syrian capital Damascus, the officials of Washington have rejected the proposal to meet the Russian officials who travelled to the United States in order to speak with members of the US Congress about the conflict in Syria and the intentions of the US administration in Washington to launch a military intervention into Syria.

In terms of the car bomb that has hit the area of Sumaria in the capital of Syria, Damascus, there is so far no more information about victims or deaths of the bomb blast available. The national Syrian TV reported about the explosion of another car bomb in Sumaria.

However, it is to expect that more information is later available about this next terrorist act by the foreign-backed groups – behind the support of these religious fanatics and armed gunmen are also the US administration of Barack Obama and the regime in Saudi Arabia.

In the meantime, as stated, the State Duma in Moscow has announced that the officials of the United States in Washington have refused to meet the Russian delegation over the conflict and rhetoric of war in and against Syria.

Further, the Russian officials wanted to discuss the illegitimate stance of Washington on Syria and the US intentions to launch a military attack on Damascus, that is then financed by the two regimes in the Gulf – Saudi Arabia and Qatar; at least, according to the US Secretary of State John Kerry.

In regards of John Kerry, the Russian President Vladimir Putin has called the US Secretary of State a liar because John Kerry refused to tell US congressmen the truth about the activities and machinations of the terrorist organization Al-Qaeda on Syrian soil. A suitable name for John Kerry, because he has simply really lied.

While it might be also interesting for some that the President of the European Commission, Jose Manuel Barroso, said today that the international community and thus, the alleged Western “community of values” has to seek a political and diplomatic solution to the Syrian conflict, the speaker of the US House of Representatives, John Boehner, a known warmonger, was the first who turned down a proposal to meet with the Russian delegation in Washington to debate the situation and turmoil in and around Syria.

However, in terms of the US Congress Speaker John Boehner, his decision is no real surprise. It was to expect that he has no interest to speak with people who know the truth and who might face him with the truth about Syria and the real backgrounds of the US rhetoric of war. People who know that they lie usually prevent situation in which they could be faced with their lies and the truth.

At least, the trip by the Russian MPs and members of the Duma in Moscow to the United States to meet with some US congressmen in order to discuss the Syrian conflict and related topics is still on table and is said to happen next week.

The MPs from Moscow give a shit about the refusal by some US officials to meet with them in Washington and still plan to visit Capitol Hill. Russia is currently verifying who of the MPs and members of the Duma will participate in the official trip to Washington. The exact date of the trip by the Russian delegation is not yet known.

However, it is said that the trip of the Russian MPs to Capitol Hill will certainly happen during next week. Such a meeting between Russian and American MPs and officials could be a very good event and hopefully helps to prevent another baseless and senseless war on a country in the Middle East that is again based on lies and fabricated evidence in order to carry out a specific and violent agenda in the region.

Thus, members of the upper and lower chambers of the Russian parliament will meet with some Democrat and Republican senators as well as with US congressmen next week – in case no more US officials turn down the proposal and change to talk with their Russian counterparts about the Syrian conflict, the possible war and the trials and tribulations of the Obama administration in the United States.

US Soldier rejects to fight in Syria for al-Qaeda.
US Soldier rejects to fight in Syria for Al-Qaeda.

In regards of the planned meeting and negotiations / talks between both sides, the Federation Council speaker Valentina Matvienko said today that they still believe that they will be able to maintain a dialogue with the “partners from the US Congress” in order to “exchange opinions and arguments for a better understanding of each other.”

The Federation Council speaker Valentina Matvienko also stated that, under the circumstances of the absence of solid arguments, the US Congress will hopefully turn down the planned military strike against Syria.

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  1. Arklight

    The sailor in the picture appears to be a chief petty officer with an award for surface warfare and what appears to be the Silver Star and Bronze Star awards for valor, plus ribbons which I don’t recognize, since they’re from after my time, and a couple are not clear enough in the photo. If this photo is genuine, this guy has more than earned the right to fight, or not fight, for whomever he chooses.

    I’m not surprised that a bunch of American politicians wouldn’t meet with the Russian delegation. None of the Americans wants to risk further bribes by appearing to be willing to listen to anyone from outside – – in my opinion, of course.


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