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Iran: Israelis on High Alert Due to US War Plans on Syria

Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu

Iranian lawmaker: Israelis sent on high alert by the increased rhetoric of war against Syria.

A senior Iranian legislator and member of the parliament’s National Security and Foreign Policy Commission said in a new interview in regards of the increased rhetoric of war against Syria and the possibility of an imminent US-led war on Damascus that the Israeli citizens would feel a strong fear of the possible dire consequences of such a US-led war against the Syrian nation and the Iranian lawmaker further stated that the Israelis are on high alert due to this possibility and the possible consequences of them.

Mohammad Javad Karimi Qoddousi, the member of the parliament’s National Security and Foreign Policy Commission, further explained that the Israelis are on high alert because of the possible imminent US-led attack on Syria and the to expect consequences for Israel in case Washington launches its airstrikes and missile attacks on targets in Syria.

The Iranian lawmaker further said that the Israeli government is not able to fully protect the Israeli population in case of a possible attack on Israel as a response to the US-led war on Syria.

According to Mohammad Javad Karimi Qoddousi, several studies have showed that about “80% of the Israelis are strongly worried about the attack since the Zionist regime has only managed to build shelters for 30% of them.”

The senior Iranian politician Karimi Qoddousi also underlined the situation that the Israelis have already “estimated that about 30,000 people will be killed in the early hours of Syria’s retaliatory attacks on Israel and over 400,000 others will be killed as the war continues.”

According to his statements in the new interview with Farsnews (link below), these are the estimates that were made by the Israeli side by the analysis and evaluation of the warnings about retaliatory measures against the Israeli regime in Tel Aviv by the several resistance movements in the region (e.g. the Lebanese resistance movement Hezbollah). However, also several Iranian officials have already stated that Israel will be the first victim of a US-led war on Syria.

Karimi Qoddousi said the same – after the possible war on Syria by the United States and its proxies and allies in Europe and the Middle East, the resistance movements in the Middle East will not just watch these attacks by Washington against the Arab country, but conduct retaliatory measures against Israel as they have already promised it.

Further, the member of the parliament’s National Security and Foreign Policy Commission, Mohammad Javad Karimi Qoddousi, is not the only Iranian lawmaker who gave a new interview in terms of the increased turmoil in and around Syria and the possible US-led military strike on Damascus.

Syria Map
Syria Map

Already some days ago, the Vice-Chairman of the parliament’s National Security and Foreign Policy Commission, Mansour Haqiqatpour, has warned the United States against any military intervention in Syria. The Iranian legislator said in his interview that “any wrong move” by the US administration in Washington and its allies against Syria and Lebanon will “be followed by retaliatory measures against Israel.” He then described the Israeli regime in Tel Aviv as a “hostage” of the regional Arab countries.

The Iranian lawmaker Mansour Haqiqatpour said in his interview:

“A hostage named the Zionist regime which is under the control of the Muslims to some extent is the biggest possibility and chance that Muslims in Syria and Lebanon have to prevent a wrong move by the US.”

Afterwards, the Iranian official pointed out that “life of the Zionist regime depends on a strategic mistake by the US.”

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  1. idealist

    Wow…an Iranian politician makes comments suggesting that the Arabic countries could use Israel as a “hostage” in order to forcible influence the actions of the US, then explicitly threatens Israel by stating that they only exist at the whim of other Middle East countries, and yet some person without a clue suggests this was all planned by the US and Israel long ago. This just shows the lack of any logical perception among large chunks of the population regarding realities and events in that part of the world.

  2. эрн

    полная поддержка священному противостоянию в отношении американо-еврейским агрессорам.
    даже применение в отношении сша-любых видов оружия-и методов ведения терактов.
    еврейские методы-включая каббалу—блокируем в украине.

  3. эрн

    и ещё-
    ядерное и хим.биол. оружие—-не имеет сравнения в отношении новой волны действия -той ныне приведённой в состояние готовности установки-и последствия для горе-воинов и народа этих стран будут плачевны.
    контур дел проявляются в последствии в физическом мире.
    на более тонких гранях-то что готово быть использованно к этим выскочкам из белого дома …капитолия и еврейских калек.

  4. эрн
    это для ирана имунитет-…только 100-200мгт заряд купить в россии
    ..и волки сыты и овцы целы
    в противном случае-ПРО США и НАТО способны перехватить ядерные носители Ирана.
    Да и вообще-стратегия американцев-это война на чужой территории и что касается солдат армии сша-то это наёмники-которые воюют за деньги и на смерть не пойдут и Обороняться их не учили.
    И сша не допустят войны на своей территории-как и воевать будет не чем-кроме подводных субмарин…уцелевших.А терроризм их не устроит ..на своей территории.


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