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Syria: Terrorists Torture Mufti

Terrorists kidnap and torture innocent Mufti

Syria: Terrorists brag with crimes against Syrian village elder.

The criminal gangs, which have also set the massacre in Banias into the world, are not afraid to kidnap an “immemorially” Syrian Mufti and to torture him and make a show of their crimes against this old Syrian person on social networks, while they use lies in order to justify their horrible acts against such an elder person.

So far, there seems to be no video of their crimes against this old man on YouTube. However, it is certainly just a matter of time. There are already several horrible pictures that show the abused old man from the “Nusayris society”. The term “Nusayris” is often derogatorily used by sectarian misguided people as another name for Alawites.

According to the information about the kidnapping and torture of this old Syrian Mufti, he is allegedly stashed away in the “Kurdish mountains” by a group of obviously sectarian and armed terrorists. The German blogger who found the pictures and information about the torture and kidnapping of this old innocent person in Syria called the terrorists a gang of unscrupulous racists (link below).

The kidnapped and tortured old Sheik should belong to the group of village elders of the Syrian village of Haffeh, according to published information by the foreign-backed kidnappers. The group of terrorists behind the kidnapping and torture of this old Syrian try to justify their horrible crimes by calling him an Alawi (Alawite) and publishing lies as if the tortured old Mufti from the Syrian village of Haffeh would have completely supported the Syrian government and Bashar al-Assad in the capital Damascus.

Of course, they justify their crimes by lies, as usual. He is called a dog, pig, and Alawite by his kidnappers – as if Alawite would be a cuss word. It is just a cuss word in the misguided minds of such uneducated and sectarian thugs as this members of this foreign-supported terrorist group behind the kidnapping and torture of this old Syrian village elder in the “Kurdish mountains” in Syria.

The photos are from the terrorist propaganda platform Facebook – some refer to Facebook as a social network:

Terrorists kidnap and torture innocent Mufti
Terrorists kidnap and torture innocent Mufti

Abused. The criminals are proud to have caught an alleged pro-government Alawite.

The Facebook Pages of the supporters of these criminals behind the kidnapping and torture of this old man lie and say that this man had ussued a fatwa for the killing of children and women. The terrorist supporters on these pro-torturer Facebook Pages mistake this old tortured Syrian guy with their sectarian guru, Sheik Adnan Arour. They have foisted the crimes and horrible fatwa of the dangerous Sheik Adnan Arour on him.

The sectarian sect leader and terrorist guru, Sheik Adnan Arour, has published a so-called fatwa (to be honest, it is no real fatwa in the sense of this term) that everybody is allowed to kill the women and children of unbelievers in the world and especially the relatives of Alawites. In addition, one should feed the rest of the tortured and killed infidels (unbelievers) to the dogs.

The terrorist supporting pages on the social network Facebook are wilfully confound things and the uneducated, mainly sectarian followers, believe that it is true what they read – although the fatwa of Sheik Adnan Arour isn`t unpopular among them. No surprise, they believe everything that originates of sectarian rage and that boosts the differences between sects and people. That`s not Syria and has nothing to do with the secular mind of the majority of the Syrian people as well as with the secular government in Damascus.

Maybe the Mufti is already dead, murdered by the FSA-Al-Qaeda terrorists that are funnelled to thousands by the Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan from Turkey to Syria.

Source: urs1798

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  1. Nassir


  2. Arklight

    ‘ – – held in the Kurdish mountains’? That gang of thugs must be even more stupid than the run of the mill thugs. They have no where to go, no way to get there if they did, so they pull THIS stunt? When, I say WHEN, the Kurds catch them, these rats will curse the day that their mommas and daddies climbed in the sack together. So, what’s their beef with the mufti? He doesn’t wash his feet in the proper sequence? Geez! Hey, rats – – better y’all form a circular firing squad now, and save yourself a lot of agony later on. Better yet, don’t; just hang around until the Kurds catch you. See what you look and feel like when the Kurds have had you in hand for a few days. I’d buy a ticket for that.


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