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Syrian President Assad: We Strike Terror with Iron Fist

Syrian President Assad inspects Army Soldiers in Daraya

Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad: Fighting terrorism with iron fist.

The Syrian President Bashar al-Assad gave another statement after his remarks while the celebrations of the Army’s Day in Syria, in which he had stated that he completely believes in the victory of the Syrian Arab army (SAA) against the foreign-supported terrorist groups on Syrian soil.

This time, Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad said that an “iron fist” is the only means and method to put an end to the terrorism on Syrian soil and this probably also means simultaneously that Bashar al-Assad does not believe anymore in a political solution for the war on Syrian soil. This is even understandable after the still continued foreign support for the armed terrorist groups in Syria and the hypocritical behaviour of Washington and other European governments. Not to mention the recent statements and actions by the Israeli regime.

The Syrian President Bashar al-Assad made the new statements in a speech on the Syrian state television yesterday. Syria’s President said that an “iron fist” is the only means in the war against the foreign-backed terrorism in the Arab nation and that no solution can be reached with terror – except by striking the terrorism with an iron first. As stated, this probably means that the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has lost the will to still offer negotiations and talks to the several opposition groups outside Syria and the encircled terrorist groups inside the Arab nation.

Of course, after over two years of the ongoing conflict and war within Syria, it is time to end the foreign-supported militancy, terrorism, and bloodshed on Syrian soil. The units of the Syrian Arab army (SAA) are doing their best since weeks to liberate several regions, villages, and cities on Syrian soil from the foreign-supported terrorist groups and under consideration of the success of the Syrian forces in recent weeks or even since the liberation of the village of al-Qusayr near the Syrian border to the neighbouring country Lebanon, it seems that the “iron fist” against terrorism is now working in Syria.

After two years, it was about time. Of course, there are reasons why the Syrian Arab army (SAA) is now successful in the majority of clashes and battles against the foreign-backed jihadists and terrorists in Syria. In addition, there are several open questions about the last two years, but these are questions to ask when the terrorism has been completely eliminated from Syrian soil.

Under consideration of the last two years, the machinations of the so-called (external) Syrian opposition, Washington, several European and regional powers, it seems understandable and true what the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad said on the Syrian state television yesterday –  “No solution can be reached with terror except by striking it with an iron fist.”

Some might add, only the Syrian army is able to end the terrorism in Syria and that to believe that a political solution can be reached for the Syrian conflict and to end the violence in the Arab nation is just naive. The only solution could be a military solution and this can be reached by the strength of the Syrian army. The Syrian President Bashar al-Assad said further in his speech from yesterday that he does “not think that any sane human being would still think that terrorism can be dealth with via politics.” And this is certainly also correct, isn´t it?

Terrorism, out of whatever reason it might come or be created, can`t be dealt with via politicals, talks, and negotiations. May it be misguided religious terrorism, terror attacks out of political reasons or as it happening in Syria, terrorism due to the intentions of foreign powers and regional allies of some Western states, the side of the terrorism is probably never really interested in talks to find a solution. If the terrorists would be interested – there would be no terror.

It`s a similar situation with and in Syria. If the foreign powers, the external and staged Syrian opposition as well as their backers and masterminds would be really interested in peace and an end of the bloodshed within Syria, then the situation today would already be different than it is. Some sides are not interested in political solutions for the Syrian conflict and violence in the Arab nation due to several reasons.

Some are no more able to stop it and others still want to topple the secular Syrian government and President Bashar al-Assad – at all costs, and may it be the lives of many Syrian civilians. The horrible massacre in Khan al-Assal some days ago is sadly a good example and also a good reason why the only way to fight terrorism in Syria is an “iron fist” against the armed terrorist groups in several regions of the Arab nation and no more offers of amnesty or talks.

President Bashar al-Assad said further in his speech on the Syrian state television yesterday that there might be a role for politics to deal with terrorism and terrorists pre-emptively but as soon as “the terrorism has arisen, it can only be struck out.”

Syria’s President al-Assad pointed out that there is no way of any political efforts or some political progress in a situation when terrorism is taking place everywhere and when the terror is striking in all parts of a country. Therefore, according to Bashar al-Assad, the terrorism has to be struck in order to begin with a political process on the correct way. If terrorism is still happening, there is no chance for the start a real and right track of a political process.

However, the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad also explained further in his speech from yesterday, that this does not implicit that there is no chance for parallel tracks but there is just no reason why the Syrian nation should not strike terror at the same time it is working on political solutions. At least, the ongoing terrorism has to be fought in Syria. There is no question about it. One cannot and never should let terror arise and then grow without to act against the ones who are willing to carry out terrorism against civilians.

According to the Syrian President Assad, the Syrian soldiers and the Syrian Arab army (SAA) in general has already achieved the impossible and the army of Syria, which consists of all parts of the Syrian society, will defeat the foreign-supported terrorists in Syria – as well as the created Syrian Al-Qaeda branch on Syrian soil (e.g. Jabhat al-Nusra).

And to be honest, the Syrian army is the only power in Syria that is able to do so – even if some foreign powers still support either the jihadists of the al-Nusra Front (Jabhat al-Nusra) or the criminals and terrorists of the so-called “Free Syrian Army” (FSA).

In addition, Bashar al-Assad also said that the economic problems and the jobless rate in Syria are linked to the security situation in the Arab nation and that this can only be solved by striking the terrorism within the country and the victory of the Syrian army and nation against the waged proxy war between Syrian borders.

President Assad at Damascus University
President Assad at Damascus University

Bashar al-Assad also referred to the recent successful military operations by the units of the Syrian Arab army against the foreign-supported jihadists and terrorists in several regions of Syria and stated that in this state and “kind of fight, we as Syrians either win together or lose together” and this is another good quote by the Syrian President – not only for the Syrians in Syria. Not to mention that this statement is, while it gives motivation for many Syrians in these bad days, also correct.

In this speech on Syria’s national television channel, Bashar al-Assad also said in the end that “there is only one kind of war that is bigger than guerrilla warfare, and that is a people’s war, one that is fought by the army alongside the citizens” and that the will of God is with the ones who stand together united against terrorism and violence, while it does not matter to what kind of confession they might belong when they are faced with such crimes. The units of the Syrian people is the most important good in Syria.

Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad made the correct remark in the end of his speech yesterday:

“It is true that there is a battle being fought in the media and on (the Internet), but the crisis will only be solved on the battlefield.” (Bashar al-Assad)

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  1. Arklight

    Yes! Last man standing wins. So far as I’ve been able to tell over the years, the guerillas are more than willing to ‘negotiate’ when they’re being pressed very hard and need time to put their game back together, or they have to rearm, resupply, or bring in replacements. No slack, press, press, press; give the rats no time or space to breathe, then make them stop breathing, permanently. I don’t, personally, think that more than 1 in a thousand captured guerillas can actually be ‘rehabilitated’, but they don’t take up a lot of room in a grave. I’ve seen nothing about ‘Kit Carson’ scouts, or chu hoi guerillas, so I’d guess that there aren’t any, or that SAA intel is keeping the information very closely held. Logistics for the guerillas must be becoming a nightmare, and as SAA works its way up the coastal strip from the Lebanese border to the Turkish border and clears the rats out for good, I’m thinking that the Russians might return to Tartus and replace their car taker civilians with the regular military specialists. What bothers me is that the Lebanese military and border patrol aren’t picking up guerillas who are in country. What’s up with that? The army did get off its collective butt long enough to secure some guerilla held real estate in the north but, after that, not a peep out of the Lebanese Army. Hezbollah shouldn’t have to do EVERYTHING around the house.

    President Assad isn’t anybody’s dummy, so I have to wonder how much stock he had ever put in ‘political solutions’. I’m sure that he understands that distant third parties, with no direct interest in the solution, are quite willing to arrive at a ‘solution’ in which Syria would have no voice, and would prove lethal to Syria. Iron Fist and a pistol round – – I’ll sail for that.

    Good job, MK:-)

      • Arklight

        Had I not been in a hurry, I would have said, ‘An Iron Fist and an ounce of lead.’ I think that it slips off the tongue with more fluidity, whaddya say? By golly MK, you just keep getting better and better at what you, and your staff, do – – my hat’s off to everybody in your shop. :-)


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