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Syria Sinks a US Navy Ship

Guided missile destroyer USS Barry

Breaking: Syrian Arab Army managed to drown USS Barry, the guided missile destroyer the US Navy deployed off the Syrian coast after the ship launched the first wave of missile attack.

The above is not a current news or breaking, but this what would be the second news on all international and local media after the first news of the commencement of the Obama promised aggression against the sovereign state of Syria, the founding member of the United Nations in case he goes mad enough and attacks.

Guided missile destroyer USS Barry – One of the definite targets to sink

We shouldn’t be surprised when such news emerge, the Syrian leadership and its allies have determined to give the bullish and arrogant US regime of Barack Obama a lesson they’ll take a very long time to forget and will never get over it.

Breaking international law will be on the responsibility of those not only aiding radical terrorists but also attacking a state that never attacked or threatened to attack the United State of America, thus making such aggression a clear aggression against all laws and against the basis of the United Nations Security Council.

The pariah leader Obama in his press conference today at St. Petersburg confirmed that he prefers to act based on a UNSC resolution, but in the absence of such resolution due to the Russian and Chinese double vetoes already used 3 times till now, he is obliged to take it on his own shoulders to carry the aggression, of course with whomever accept to join him.

The problem with civilian US strategists planning for wars and plotting against humanity is their one-sided vision of any conflict, they never estimate their foes and their capacities, but we can always remind before it’s too late. The military strategists who fought wars and know what wars are, know exactly why they are trying to avoid such wars.

The regime of Barack Obama claiming to be a democracy should listen to the majority of his people and the majority of the people of the world. He climbed a very high tree and he’s begging someone would help him down and instead his foes and allies are pushing him further up and leaving him up there.

We are obliged to remind the United States citizens, their military and strategists before they go crazy, the last time US came face to face with Syria they lost 241 Marines in one strike in Beirut 1983, at that time the US real cowboy president Ronald Reagan was smart enough to withdraw his forces from the region, will the fake cowboy Barack Obama be as smart? He will be lucky enough if one of his ships is drowned, he will be lucky if his troops in Afghanistan are not fried, he will be very lucky if his regime’s military bases in the region are not wiped out one after another not to mention seeing his allies fall one after the other starting with Turkish fanatic Erdogan and the Zionist settlers colonies known in the west as Israel. He will be less lucky if he does go ahead with attacking the last secular state in the region.

Most serving US military leaders warn that Syria is not Libya or Serbia. Perhaps the United States has become too used to fighting third-rate armies. As the Israelis learned in 1973, the Syrians are tough and mean-spirited killers with nothing to lose.

-Robert H. Scales, a retired Army major general and a former commandant of the U.S. Army War College in an opinion posted on Washington Post today.

AIPAC – the real force behind Obama regime insisting on attacking Syria

Even his bullies pushing him off the cliff like the war maniac John McCain, the republican congressman and his foe in a presidential campaign are getting defaced by their own constituencies. The senator who met with terrorists responsible for kidnapping civilians in north of Syria and lobbying to grant them more money, supplies, weapons and even direct military support by US soldiers. Watch this video:

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  1. Arklight

    Stop it! Just stop it! Arabi Souri has been taking too many lessons from US and UK media, which don’t hesitate to push phony fantasy headlines, knowing that a large part of the readership will scan the headline, then turn to the sports page. Very irresponsible, and the obvious product of a ‘journalist’ typing without looking while the real reporter is out covering a real story. Stupidity is not limited to the Obama administration, that’s fershur.

  2. Martin

    The Us has become a agressor ! theu thinkthey can do anything they want !

    I dont believe them for one word ! i am from the netherlands and hey i like the us and his big city’s etc
    but the government is going to far , i hope the rest of the world doesnt support this action

    Bush . Clinton , Obama all liars if you ask me
    greetings to all from the Netherlands

    • Robert

      Martin 89 of us American citizens agree with what you said. We hate Obama’s Dictatorship attitude. We will be happy the day Obama is not President anymore. He is acting like a tyrant just like Hitler did that got word war II started up.

      • Corbin

        I agree. This “were gonna sink this ship” crap is just propaganda. If the US wanted too they could make Syria into a parking lot. 12 Years of war does not soften a military. The LAST thing Assad wants is American boots on the ground because if it comes to that he is already dead.

        • Colin

          Syria is not one of those small scale armies that USA dealth with in Iraq and Afghanistan, they are a modern army backed by two other modern armies, both that have nuclear weapons as well…

          • Robert

            I am sorry to say if the Bible is the word of God, Syria is doomed. I wish it to never be as these Biblical words have been said over 2000 years ago for the end times as they are coming in this era of time we all live in. Please Read and take these words serious if you are living in Syria.

            Isaiah 17

            New International Version (NIV)

            A Prophecy Against Damascus

            17 A prophecy against Damascus:

            “See, Damascus will no longer be a city
            but will become a heap of ruins.
            2 The cities of Aroer will be deserted
            and left to flocks, which will lie down,
            with no one to make them afraid.
            3 The fortified city will disappear from Ephraim,
            and royal power from Damascus;
            the remnant of Aram will be
            like the glory of the Israelites,”
            declares the Lord Almighty.
            4 “In that day the glory of Jacob will fade;
            the fat of his body will waste away.
            5 It will be as when reapers harvest the standing grain,
            gathering the grain in their arms—
            as when someone gleans heads of grain
            in the Valley of Rephaim.
            6 Yet some gleanings will remain,
            as when an olive tree is beaten,
            leaving two or three olives on the topmost branches,
            four or five on the fruitful boughs,”
            declares the Lord, the God of Israel.
            7 In that day people will look to their Maker
            and turn their eyes to the Holy One of Israel.
            8 They will not look to the altars,
            the work of their hands,
            and they will have no regard for the Asherah poles[a]
            and the incense altars their fingers have made.
            9 In that day their strong cities, which they left because of the Israelites, will be like places abandoned to thickets and undergrowth. And all will be desolation.
            10 You have forgotten God your Savior;
            you have not remembered the Rock, your fortress.
            Therefore, though you set out the finest plants
            and plant imported vines,
            11 though on the day you set them out, you make them grow,
            and on the morning when you plant them, you bring them to bud,
            yet the harvest will be as nothing
            in the day of disease and incurable pain.
            12 Woe to the many nations that rage—
            they rage like the raging sea!
            Woe to the peoples who roar—
            they roar like the roaring of great waters!
            13 Although the peoples roar like the roar of surging waters,
            when he rebukes them they flee far away,
            driven before the wind like chaff on the hills,
            like tumbleweed before a gale.
            14 In the evening, sudden terror!
            Before the morning, they are gone!
            This is the portion of those who loot us,
            the lot of those who plunder us.

          • Corbin

            During the gulf war Iraq had a 1 million man army (America today only has 1.1 million) during the 2nd Iraq war they had f16 fighter jets and a armored core and 375k troops. They were modern enough to enact effective air strikes on Iran… so thats pretty modern. Still didnt help them at all. America has whats called a military industrial complex. Were not afraid to spend massive amounts of money on new weapons (just look at the f35 project, shit). Im not being an arrogant tool when i say Syria stands no chance, im being honest, they just dont have the training, manpower, or equipment to threaten us. Russia talks a lot of game but their economy is even shittier than ours and i dont think that would be a war they could win, and i think they know that.

  3. Fidelis

    However strong, motivated and equipped SAA is, it cannot hope to withstand a full scale onslaught from the USA.

    That being said, SAA is, however, capable of inflicting significant casualties on the agressors, and with view of the fact that no US troops will be sent on the ground, SAA has a good chance of giving the imperialist bastards a bloody nose.

    Support to Syria, it’s president, army and people from Croatia!

    • Arklight

      American troops are already on the ground, It’s admitted that some 300 US Special Forces are operating in the Damascus area, plus special forces from UK, as well as CIA and MI6. SAA is tough, combat experienced, and particularly noted for the valor of its troops. The NDF and Regional Defense Forces aren’t to be sneezed at, either. We just don’t know what naval assets are available to the Syrians and its allies, but I’d expect some heavy losses. Syria will not be anybody’s cake walk.

  4. zoki

    Let America to attack and you come to an end. .’re Attacked Iraq, Serbia, Libya and Iran have tried now want Syria and who you are sick, you have a small cemetery and want to do more. Finally, your country will again get an atomic bomb, and it will be the end for all time. Do not forget to Japan what did you do and they will not even be sure of that. terrorism and make it yourself and it is returned to you ……..

        • Arklight

          There are a number of folks posting on the forum for whom English is not a language in which they are fluent. Don’t worry about it, your skills will increase as you participate. Nobody will poke fun at you, or any other person of good will who wishes to come aboard. Out of consideration for others in the forum, we pretty much stay away from religion as the focus of a post, since we have all faiths, denominations and sects represented. Welcome aboard, Zoki.

          • zoki

            Sorry, I live in Europe, sect you invented in America because you did not know what to do with boredom and you start to kill you so it’s a bit before you go all over the world. The whole of Europe dear to you as sick country and prove your powers, you are mortals, miserable ….

      • zoki

        I just watched the airspace over Syria does not have a civilian aircraft, it means that the attack was being prepared jellyfish from America

        • Arklight

          I’d suspect that ‘normal’ civilian air traffic is prohibited, as small aircraft are too often used for unlawful activity. Witness the single and twin engine private planes which carry drugs, weapons, proscribed persons and other contraband into the US. Besides, with so few country airfields not in jihadi hands, it would be tough to find a spot to keep a private plane; I wouldn’t guage US intentions by absence of civilian aircraft stooging around over the country. Good observation, though. Quite often a sign is sent by what’s NOT there, as opposed to what is.

        • wolf

          I am from the U.S.Now get this straight,we the people over 70% dont want this beacuse we really dont care if arabs kill arabs.We are wary of what they call is the truth.I want the truth an i want it shown to the whole nation.An if Syria did this then i say Russia is responsiable for the killings beacuse its there weapons.Arabs should know that Russia is not their freind either.Let russia clean up their mess.We did the same in Iraq,we put Saddam Hussien in power long ago.An we had to take him out beacuse he was a threat to everyone. Cheers

  5. Andrew Jackman

    Just to note, in spite of the fact that the US has lost some engagements in the past, it still remains a formidable military force that cannot be resisited and it will chew up Syria’s defences in a sustained onslaught of missiles and strafe runs. And that is before troops are sent in. Every period in history where the US has been involved has been chequered by a seemingly impenetrable defence system that they were able to overcome, albiet taking heavy casualties. Normandy Beach and Owo Jima are just two examples.We are just going to see if this impending engagement is going to be a victory or defeat for the US.

    • Arklight

      Yes, I know. So am I. We have light aircraft all over the place, some of them doing unlawful things. Syria has no civil aviation traffic, most likely banned by the military. No sight aircraft is one thing that SAA and SAF don’t have to worry about on top of everything else.

  6. Buurman Sjakie

    Why on earth would the US support those f*ckers from Al Qaida in the first place? Last time they did they ended up with a destroyed WTC as a big thankyou!

    • wolf

      Being from the U.S i agree,I dont want our weapons there either only in the hands off a American Soldier.Screw them let them kill each other off.

  7. Brandon

    The Tomahawk cruise missile has a staggering range of 1350 nm. This means the only way Syria could actually touch us during air strikes is via its Navy and Air Force.

    One US Aegis-equipped cruiser could probably wipe out the entire Syrian navy single-handedly, so that joke of a fleet isn’t even worth mentioning.

    The air force is a slightly different story. But only slightly, meaning they could probably eventually get a single cruiser. One entire carrier strike group though? Syria has a total estimate of 122 operational aircraft that are capable of attacking ground targets.

    The Harry S Truman carrier strike group is comprised of about 80 aircraft which are more advanced and more capable than the old Syrian MiGs, 2 cruisers, 2 destroyers, all linked by Aegis, the most advanced targeting system in the world, capable of tracking every single aircraft and vessel that Syria sends, plus every single missile that they could possibly shoot, at once.

    Throw in thousands of SM-1s and SM-2s (a superb surface to air missile so accurate it can actually hit other missiles) and the most advanced electronic warfare and missile defense capabilities in the world, and you’ve got a great metaphor opportunity: Syria trying to counterattack the US would be like a kid throwing a handful of pebbles at a bull.

    • Arklight

      Brandon, the Syrians who are patriots would go down fighting, and so far SAA has shown itself to be brave and tenacious. From your post, I have to wonder about the mindset – – how manly is it to take the head off a little kid with a ball bat, which seems to be a reasonable simile – – where’s the glory in running over a cat with a steam roller? It’s no wonder that the US military is increasingly viewed as Lucifer’s Legions.

      • Brandon

        Arklight, we don’t care about glory or ‘manliness.’ We leave that to you, to make you feel better about losing. Hard.

        We care about winning. The Syrian government, assuming they used chemical weapons (because they’re so ‘manly’ LMAO; killing hundreds of kids), can have all the glory they want in their pretend afterlife, where we won’t have to put up with their atrocities.

        Such a dumb response.

        • Arklight

          Brandon, we had successes in the Mayaquez rescue expedition, the Granada relief expedition, and a punitive expedition to Kosovo. Other than that, nothing since WWII that, however much it may be claimed as a ‘win’, cannot stand the light of day. Your response was interesting, if not informative beyond reveailing another Obamabot. What’s today’s flavor in Kook-Aid, Brandon.

          • Brandon

            Ahh there it is. It’s funny, because Republican president would have reacted the exact same way.

            Sure we’ve had failures, and sure we’ve had incomplete victories, but that’s life. Being a superpower is kind of difficult.

            In case you may have forgotten, here are some of our other major successes (even though several weren’t consider complete, but c’est la vie):

            Korean War
            Lebanon Crisis
            Dominican Intervention
            Invasion of Panama
            Persian Gulf War

            I find your attempt to straw-man my original post interesting. We aren’t even considering a full-scale invasion of Syria, so Syrian bravery (which is proven by those chemical weapon attacks, using sarin gas to horrifically murder 500 little kids is oh so brave) doesn’t really matter.

            It’s going to be an air raid designed to target Syrian chemical weapons depots. That’s it. My point was that if Syria was stupid enough to try to counterattack the US after we did those strikes, it would be completely crushed. Let’s talk about that instead, k?

            ‘Kook-aid, Obamabot?’ Hah. The fact that you would resort to such pathetic name calling shows how childish you are. I don’t even like Obama.

          • Corbin

            I dont think you understand what the technology of a modern military industrial complex means for a war with Syria… It means they have no chance. No chance what so ever. The last 12 years the US has been spending BILLIONS of dollars on manufacturing technology solely meant to kill people faster and in more accurate ways.

    • Jennifer Chappell

      I agree with brandon for many reason. If after obama has threat of military force and syria breaks the agreement (which f–ckers) stalling now. We back down its open season on U.S. Minute imo i hear we need more time – screw that fire on them. Waisting time because russia an ally and believes while we attack syria they attack us. Heller, we’re not only country out there. Jesus my b/f (marine) on USS no of ur business lol but even she saying stalling. Funny part is our Navy duh have subs hidden locations does ppl think they’re just going just do nothing? Sry more of a rant oops ;) I guess i’m ranting me and b/f in Mediterranean Sea. I mean think about it in northern Syria 2 groups agreed to cease fired on themselves because fear a war in a war.

      Plow them down. The minute our U.S.agreement broken dnt say nothing. Obama push, wink, nod, as a signal fire away. Everyone saying not our problem its over there. Yep over there but could be knocking on our back door. I’m chemical weapon ur own country is one sick fxxx. They’ve had a chance to move there weapons don’t be fooled. I’m rambling now. Obama sd it and sd it again with if break agreement military force.

    • lazaros lazarou

      mr brandon you forgot the most powerfull anti ship missile brahams or yakhont the yanks cant stop them they just dont have the tech yet to stop them maybe thats why the yanks back off so fast from attacking syria armed with high tec weapons you dont let the enemy know all your power till needed thank you my friend be sure to talk the truth somethimg that lacks in yanki land

  8. ImAgainstTheWarOnSyria

    NO To Military Intervention IN SYRIA.
    President Barack Obama: Wake up. Do not support criminals.
    President Barack Obama: Obama: Give the Nobel Peace Prize.
    People interested in peace: Please share to prevent war

  9. Another American Against War

    This Sat. September 7, 2013 in New York City
    1 – 4 PM
    Times Square – 42nd St & 7th Ave
    Contact [email protected], 212-633-6646

    New York City, NY
    Sunday, Sept, 8, noon to 6 PM
    Zuccotti Park
    Facebook event:
    Contact: 347-294-6283, [email protected]

    See some of U.S. actions nationwide:

    Sat. Sept 7th, Twitter Protest all day!
    Make #NoWarWithSyria a top tweet
    Get Tweets & info at: http://

    Mon. Sept 9th, the day Congress votes. Protest in unison with the online Thunderclap protest:

    Much love to our Syrian sisters and brothers from Another American Against War

  10. MolonLabe23

    Americans don’t want war with Syria! Obama and the NWO Elitists are the ones engaged in this. This is all about punishing Syria for switching it’s oil sales off the U.S. Dollar just like Libya and Iraq did and Iran will be next because they switched as well. Obama is just a puppet of the world banks.

    • Arklight

      Yeah, and what do any of the elites or Obama risk? Paper cuts – – maybe, an even worse golf game than usual? Teleprompter failure? How do they stand the strain?

  11. Jamie

    LMAO,,, this is SO funny…. Stop killing inocent civilian’s and you won’t have to worry about the good ole US of A sticking a boot in your azz, Syria.

  12. Arklight

    Brandon, I’m not a republican. There were, in fact, two Lebanon expeditions, the first in 1958, I think and yes, that one was a success while the second was a dismal failure. Why? Because Robert Schultz, Secretary of State at the time, ordered that the Marines not have clips in their rifles, no other weapons charged. The gate sentry could not load and charge his weapon in time to stop the van full of explosives which brought down the Marine barracks. Korea was not a success. North Korea still exists, is bellicose and aggressive, and we still have troops there. Enough, maybe, to give PRK troops a bloody nose, but that’s it. Status quo ante is not a win, it’s a draw. Dominican intervention did nothing to correct the problems that started the fracas in the first place. Nothing changed for the better, so no win. Panama. We the president, so what? Panama is still a primary drug conduit. For the Persian Gulf War, we destroyed almost all of the Iraqi military, but so what? Saddam was still in power, besides which CIA had sold the southern Shi’ia and Kurds in the north down the river. Both groups were swindled into rising up against Saddam as a distraction, with the promise that they would be protected when the war was over. A bald faced lie. Saddam killed every Kurd and southern Shi’ia that came into anybody’s gunsights and where were we? Sitting there on top of tanks or Humvees watching the killing. Kuwait was liberated so, in that respect alone, it was a win at the cost of any perception of honorable conduct that the US may have had left. Iraq War. Saddam was murdered because he had the guts to dump the petrodollar in favor of the euro; how much of all that free oil did we end up with? None. How many Muslim Brotherhood and as Qaida swarmed into a country in which they would have been slaughtered under Hussein? None. The Iraq War was predicated upon bald faced lies and none of the strategic objectives were realized. Loss. Libya? because of the forthcoming Gold Dinar and dumping of the petrodollar; did we win? Gaddafi was murdered, a stable, secular and prosperous country was destroyed and what did we get out of it? Nothing. Zero. Zip. Nada. A dead loss. An individual or a nation without honor is a piece of sh*t Brandon. Okay, you’ve succeeded in boring me; if you were talking, you’d be nothing but a noise in my ears, so do the whole forum a favor; stuck your head back up your *ss, go away and don’t bother me.

  13. Againdays

    Syria can’t even take care of their rebels much less the most battle hardened and largest most sophisticated military in the world by far. Lets hope the US developes its huge oil resources so we can let the Middle East dry up into the sand dunes of history.

    • Arklight

      Againdays, the US is not the largest military, and is only marginally the most sophisticated, if it hasn’t dropped a couple of notches there, too. It is the most visible, the most highly touted; it is also the most fragmented, with bits and pieces scattered all over the world. It is no longer a military that wins wars. All it does is kill people and destroy the fabric of other people’s societies, nothing whatever to be proud of.

      Don’t make snide remarks about the Syrian military, which is doing very well in dealing with the jihadist pigs. Well, unless you’re prepared to gear up and go show them how it should REALLY be done, bearing in mind that SAA, NDF and the local defense forces have developed a very effective method of killing the rats without wiping out the citizens of the neighborhoods at the same time.

      You’re right about the US’ huge oil reserves; we have, in country, I don’t know how many thousands of proven oil and gas wells which have been capped with no thought of actual production. This is partly due to the oil company’s thinking that they will make more money with foreign purchased oil, and partly due to the dismal lack of refining capacity right here. In the past 30 years the only new refinery is the one being built in North Dakota by little Marathon Oil. The major oil company excuse is that it can take ten years to get through the permitting procedures – – boo hoo hoo – – just not feasible – – sob, sniffle, whine – – ; which is an admission that if each of the oil companies began permitting processes at the rate of one per year, for the past 30 years, each of the oil companies could, logically, have 20 or more modern refineries on line and producing product.

      Anyway, welcome to the forum.

  14. Againdays

    Thanks for the welcome. I didn’t intend making a snide remark concerning Syria and it’s military. Assad is the lesser of two evils in my opinion. The US should have left Saddam Hussein in Iraq for instance. So I agree with you, the US should leave all these intolerant brutal dictators in power and not destroy the fabric of their society’s. That’s seems like the only kind of government that works for these cultures. At least their somewhat secular. The US has been involved in 5 Muslim wars in the past 20 years with absolutely nothing to show besides ingratitude.The whole Middle East is a big mess that will never be solved in my opinion unless we make energy cheap as least from a US perspective. That would be the biggest bomb to be dropped on these jihadist murdering idiots.
    As far as the largest militaries reference this , just for one.
    The US has 10 aircraft groups and no other county has even one to match for instance. I am a 6 year Marine Corps Vietnam Veteran so I know first hand how to gear up.
    As far as the oil refineries I believe you are somewhat askew on that as far as what I have read.
    I was aware of the one in North Dakota. Let’s write our representatives and get the ball rolling on energy independence. By the way almost everything is made from oil so it’s not just about energy by any means.

    • Againdays

      Hi Arklight,
      Nothing to say? I was hoping I was in error somehow? I like being shown my misconceptions so I can be right. It’s my Christian upbringing. Lol Againdays

  15. bystander


    careful now, your ignorance is showing. Tut Tut can’t have that from al bolstering half wit who brazenly speaks of Vietnam fondly. Genocide anyone ?

    “almost everything is made out of oil” ONLY because it produces so much waste and necessity is the mother of invention. It’s been known for decades that a good number of byproducts arer cancer causing and any roadway in America is a perfect example of the pollution that “just keeps on giving” .

    Alternative energy? Naw.. no self respecting he-man in Amerika wants to drive even a six cylinder let alone a 4banger like Europe of even Mexico that gets 70+ MPG. The false machoism from Big Boy Trucks and weekly racetrack Team OIL worship would go down the drain.

    christian upbringing? could have fooled me on both counts. You weren’t brought up you grew up in front of a TV set believing the War movie propoganda pumped out from the Pentagon, and your about as “christian” as your zionist Satan worshiping pals.

    You must really be hard up to come here looking for a fight. Pathetic little washed up warmonger. for shame.

    A fellow American who is ashamed of people like you
    over and out bubba

    • Arklight

      Hey, bystander. Againdays didn’t mention a ‘fondness’ for Vietnam, only that he was a Marine Corps vet who served in Vietnam; he takes me to task over new refineries in the US, but from what I’ve read the old ones are updated as part of the maintenance schedule, which would include new additions to existing structures, but I’ll be happy to check his link later on. Energy independence comes in a lot of forms, two of which are the air and water conversions from gasoline or diesel, and there are other forms, undoubtedly. Personally, I wouldn’t mind getting my mitts on a Datsun B-210 for inclement weather, since I already have a motorcycle for economy. I don’t agree that most everything is made from oil, but nearly everything in modern usage does include petrochemical components. I don’t mind his reference to ‘Christian upbringing’, however tongue in cheek the reference may have been, although I think that referencing 5 muslim wars is leaving out several, beginning with the War with the Barbary Pirates during which Lieutenant Presley Bannon made a name for himself, and was awarded the prototype Sword with the Mameluke Hilt, which has continued forward in the Marine Corps – – reminding us, I’d guess, that appreciation is not the sole property of Christians and Jews, the other side being that while there are good muslims, there are also so incredibly sordid creature who claim the same faith. About the propaganda movies originating with the Pentagon, I’d guess that after a tour (or more) in country, AD might watch the darned things for amusement, if he watches them at all. I don’t; I get enough replays at night, as it is without a truckload of pure road apples on the small screen. I don’t know about him, but I don’t even have a television set. He is right about the ME countries needing a ‘strong man’, but most of the countries down through history have had ’em, but they called themselves ‘kings’ or some such other title that denoted a head of state who could behead everybody else. The thing is, with Iraq, Libya and Egypt is that the strong man motif was slowly morphing into a form of representative republicanism – – so far as I know, the US and Switzerland are about the only countries that had Froggie twang his magic twanger and a republic magically appeared. Most of ’em take time and a lot of dead citizens before a republic manifests. Even Red China is slowly generating a representative republic; it may take another hundred years or so before mostly republican, but they’re getting there. Between you and AD, he doesn’t appear to be the one who was picking a fight.

      Hey! AD! Semper Fi!

  16. Againdays

    Your unreal, kinda fun thou if you aren’t planning on killing people in the name of god. Do you use voice to text like me? I hope so. I’ll get back to you on all the things you wrote. But let’s start out on oil because you really don’t know what I’m talking about by you reply.Oil
    Make a list of products or goods made from oil. The price of gas is just the tip of the ice berg! It’s mind boggling.Oil is much more important than just gas and heating which is crucial. The US has more oil reserves than all the known world oil reserves combined. North Dakota and Alaska are just two examples. It’s estimated just the Bakken Oil Reserve in N Dakota alone would lower the price of a barrel of oil to 16 dollars. We could actually afford so called green technology,universal health coverage and the dollar would actually be worth something ect ect. We could afford to heat factories and power them in cold climates like Ny.We could afford the basic material used in just about every product we highly value such as plastics,nylon, rayon,carpet and padding,asphalt,exterior doors,pesticides,paint,styrofoam, ink, tvs,phones,roof shingles,grocery/garbage bags,tires,textiles/clothing,blankets, the American flag and all flags, most packaging for foods,brooms/bristles,vinyl siding/skirting, baby seats, baby wipes,wet dry vacs, our roads, drive way sealant,covers for snowmobile and motorcycles, coverings for all wire,Cigarette filters,cellophane tooth brushes, all vacuum cleaners,vials including most all food packings,venitian blinds, interior of exterior doors, all made of strofoam,the list goes on forever. There would be no unemployment.We would send OPEC into the sand pile of history.Iran wouldn’t have the money or influence to do what their doing as well as many other of our foes or so so allies.It’s a matter of national security on many levels as well as financially crucial. It’s all so obvious that one can’t help to think the current situation is all greed based with the status quo being in control.And you want to stop the keystone pipeline so Canada will sell black gold to China?We have to drastically cut HEAP to the poorest among us on top of it all? It’s so crazy. Thank-you for your attention. Againdays.

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