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Syria Sinks a US Navy Ship

Breaking: Syrian Arab Army managed to drown USS Barry, the guided missile destroyer the US Navy deployed off the Syrian coast after the ship launched the first wave of missile attack.

The above is not a current news or breaking, but this what would be the second news on all international and local media after the first news of the commencement of the Obama promised aggression against the sovereign state of Syria, the founding member of the United Nations in case he goes mad enough and attacks.

Guided missile destroyer USS Barry – One of the definite targets to sink

We shouldn’t be surprised when such news emerge, the Syrian leadership and its allies have determined to give the bullish and arrogant US regime of Barack Obama a lesson they’ll take a very long time to forget and will never get over it.

Breaking international law will be on the responsibility of those not only aiding radical terrorists but also attacking a state that never attacked or threatened to attack the United State of America, thus making such aggression a clear aggression against all laws and against the basis of the United Nations Security Council.

The pariah leader Obama in his press conference today at St. Petersburg confirmed that he prefers to act based on a UNSC resolution, but in the absence of such resolution due to the Russian and Chinese double vetoes already used 3 times till now, he is obliged to take it on his own shoulders to carry the aggression, of course with whomever accept to join him.

The problem with civilian US strategists planning for wars and plotting against humanity is their one-sided vision of any conflict, they never estimate their foes and their capacities, but we can always remind before it’s too late. The military strategists who fought wars and know what wars are, know exactly why they are trying to avoid such wars.

The regime of Barack Obama claiming to be a democracy should listen to the majority of his people and the majority of the people of the world. He climbed a very high tree and he’s begging someone would help him down and instead his foes and allies are pushing him further up and leaving him up there.

We are obliged to remind the United States citizens, their military and strategists before they go crazy, the last time US came face to face with Syria they lost 241 Marines in one strike in Beirut 1983, at that time the US real cowboy president Ronald Reagan was smart enough to withdraw his forces from the region, will the fake cowboy Barack Obama be as smart? He will be lucky enough if one of his ships is drowned, he will be lucky if his troops in Afghanistan are not fried, he will be very lucky if his regime’s military bases in the region are not wiped out one after another not to mention seeing his allies fall one after the other starting with Turkish fanatic Erdogan and the Zionist settlers colonies known in the west as Israel. He will be less lucky if he does go ahead with attacking the last secular state in the region.

Most serving US military leaders warn that Syria is not Libya or Serbia. Perhaps the United States has become too used to fighting third-rate armies. As the Israelis learned in 1973, the Syrians are tough and mean-spirited killers with nothing to lose.

-Robert H. Scales, a retired Army major general and a former commandant of the U.S. Army War College in an opinion posted on Washington Post today.

AIPAC – the real force behind Obama regime insisting on attacking Syria

Even his bullies pushing him off the cliff like the war maniac John McCain, the republican congressman and his foe in a presidential campaign are getting defaced by their own constituencies. The senator who met with terrorists responsible for kidnapping civilians in north of Syria and lobbying to grant them more money, supplies, weapons and even direct military support by US soldiers. Watch this video:

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