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Syria: US War Plans Result from Defeat of the Terrorists

Syrian Soldiers in Daraa (Source: FNA)

Iran and Lebanon talk about Syria and the US threats.

While some political analysts are more and more convinced that the US administration of President Obama will launch a war on Syria in the upcoming days – with or without the favoured result at the vote in the House of Representatives and the same applies to an authorisation by the UN Security Council (UNSC) – the Syrian Ambassador to Iran, Adnan Mahmoud, said in a new interview that the rhetoric of war by the United States and the Israeli regime in Tel Aviv against Syria are merely posed due to the numerous defeats of the foreign-backed terrorists in the Arab country.

The Syrian envoy to Tehran, Adnan Mahmoud, has downplayed the rhetoric of war by the Israeli regime and the US administration of President Obama against Syria and stated that the increase of the war rhetoric by these governments happens because the foreign-supported terrorists fighting in Syria against the secular government of President Bashar al-Assad in Damascus have suffered numerous defeats in the recent weeks.

The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) has already gained the upper hand in the battles and clashes against the armed terrorist groups and also against the Syrian Al-Qaeda offshoots, e.g. the Jabhat al-Nusra (al-Nusra Front). Thus, the US-backed terrorist seem to lose and that is certainly a reason for the increased war threats by the United States and Israeli against the Syrian government in Damascus.

The Syrian Ambassador in Tehran further stated that the US administration has now decided to publicly and directly enter the scene in terms of Syria and to launch a military attack against Damascus after “two years of foreign-backed crisis and terror operations by Takfiri groups in Syria.”

Meanwhile, the Lebanese Foreign Minister, Adnan Mansour, has welcomed the Iranian envoy to Lebanon, Qazanfar Roknabadi, in a meeting in the capital of Lebanon in order to talk about the current events and developments in the region, especially about the ongoing conflict and crisis in the neighbouring country Syria.

Both have discussed the increased rhetoric of war by certain Western governments such as the U.S. administration of Barack Obama and the even possible US-led war on Syria. Of course, the Lebanese Foreign Minister as well as the Iranian Ambassador to Beirut have called an all sides to work on a political solution for the Syrian conflict and to do everything possible to prevent any possible US military attack against Syria.

During their meeting in Beirut, the Foreign Minister of the country said that he still has some hope that the U.S. administration in Washington will “pay heed to the realities and pursue a rational and stance on the crisis in Syria” due to the increasing strong rejection of a US-led war on Syria in many countries on the world.

The Ambassador from Iran has delivered a message by the Iranian Foreign Minister to the Foreign Minister of Lebanon and the message was, of course, also about the ongoing developments in the Middle East and especially in and around Syria, including the possibility of a US-led attack on Damascus.

In the meantime, also the Venezuelan Ambassador to Tehran, Amenhotep Zambrano, spoke about the current developments in the Middle East and the possible US-led war on Syria. The Venezuelan envoy to Iran said that Venezuela strictly condemns a possible military strike by Washington against Syria and he further called on all the global bodies and international communities to do everything possible to stop the U.S. administration in Washington from launching a military attack on Damascus.

Syrian soldiers are executed by US-backed terrorists in Syria.
Syrian soldiers are executed by US-backed terrorists in Syria.

The Venezuelan Ambassador said in his statements about the rhetoric of war by Washington against Syria and the possibility of an imminent attack by the US military against Syria that Venezuela asks “all international movements and organizations to stop the war on Syria by any means.”

Afterwards, the representative of Venezuela and envoy to Iran said that his country supports the Syrian nation and that the Syrian people have “demonstrated its resistance and steadfastness over the past years.”

The Venezuelan Ambassador to Tehran, Amenhotep Zambrano, also underlined in his new statements that the US administration of Barack Obama has exerted pressure on the Syrian people, financially supported the terrorist groups operating in Syria, and sought to bring the Syrian nation and government in Damascus to their knees through hypocritically economic sanctions.

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    • Arklight

      Thanks for the notice, MK. I don’t think that anyone would have expected anything else, but it’s nice to have the suspicions verified.

    • Arklight

      Hi, Martin. Actually, the first one was Afghanistan, for the Lithium deposits and rare earths. Iraq was next because Saddam Hussein had dumped the petrodollar in favor of the euro, besides which it was a good opportunity to latch on to all that oil. Libya was next because Gaddafi was set to roll out the Libyan God Dinar in the June following the beginning of the rebellion. None of those adventures has worked out. Not even a little bit. Egypt was over control of the Suez Canal, and that has also gone Tango Uniform. Now Syria is on the block, reportedly because Syria began selling oil to Russia for rubles, not dollars. Lebanon and Iran are on the list, too, but I don’t think those are going to happen. I don’t think that Syria will work out as the US desires, either. Good post, Martin.

  1. Martin

    Thanks , youre right with all that info you gave !

    I hope Russia sticks to there anwers wich right now is NO ! ( like China )

    How do the most people of Syria think about Bashar Hafiz al-Assad ? the media just tells you what there government wants !
    I also noticed on Cnn webpage many comments where deleted ( not in there line of thinking ?? ) people complained about it !
    Its like only the negative comments about Syria are approved

    • Arklight

      Hey, Martin, thanks for your kind remarks.

      Russia, under the stewardship of President Putin, is well aware of the lunatic and homicidal antics of the US and NATO, and my opinion is that Russia can be depended upon, but that’s only my opinion, with no hard info to back it up. As for China, there’s no telling what they’re up to, but they are being very quiet, a dangerous sign with Red China. People tend to sell China short, which is, I think, a potentially fatal error.

      I don’t really know how most Syrians feel toward President Assad, but I do know that SAA is mobbed by fans every time they clear a neighborhood, town or road. It’s hard to imagine that happening if President Assad was as universally despised as western media likes to tell us. Quite often there are videos of local defense force fighters joining up with SAA forces to drive out the jihadis; these local defense forces are, usually, men of a neighborhood who have acquired weapons and have successfully fought off jihadi attempts to take the neighborhood but the local defense forces don’t have the strength or fire power for offensive operations When SAA shows up, these citizens hook up with the army and go to killing rats.

      CNN? During the Cold War there were mean people who referred to CNN as the ‘Communist News Network’, and I think it’s still called that. I never watch it, myself. For better information I’d recommend, for starters. Syria News, which is where we are now, is pretty good; if it weren’t I wouldn’t bother with it.

  2. AH

    This looks like a good Saturday morning joke at first but, read it carefully!
    The Biden interview is just as amusing… He calls Putin “Vladimir”, doesn’t want to have anything to do with the relationship Obama-Putin, presents himself equal to Obama, throws out some hidden gossip on Billary (ups, typo) – hmmm, looks like good old Joe is making friends with Russia in case Obama and Co sink in the upcoming Syrian disaster. Yeah, America sure needs a new president.

    • Arklight

      Biden didn’t really spare anybody, did he? except himself, of course. It would be nice if Obama could gain a bit more maturity. Like – – ah – – third grade, maybe. My personal opinion of Biden is that he’s deeply superficial.


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