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Payola for Stance on Syria: Russia refutes horse trade with Saudi Arabia

Saudi Prince Bandar and Russian President Putin. The photo is old, but the two know each other.

Moscow refutes rumours about Bandar’s bribery attempt regarding Syria.

Russia’s President Vladimir Putin and the Saudi Prince and intelligence chief Bandar bin Sultan (Arabic: الأمير بندر بن سلطان بن عبدالعزيز آل سعود‎) met in the Russian capital Moscow in order to debate regional topics as well as the Syrian conflict some days ago.

The meeting between Moscow and Riyadh has led to the speculations about an alleged horse trade between Vladimir Putin and the main sponsor of the terrorists in Syria, Bandar bin Sultan. According to a report by the often biased news agency Reuters, the Saudi intelligence chief (Bandar is the Saudi intelligence chief since mid-2012) Bandar bin Sultan has tried to bribe the Russian President Putin in terms of Syria.

The report by Reuters, underlined with alleged sources from the external and heavily divided “Syrian opposition” and several “Western diplomats in the Middle East”, was false. However, it made sense for Reuters to report on this, while knowing it’s just not true.

According to other sources and political analysts on the events in the Middle East have quickly stated after the some hours long meeting between the Saudi prince Bandar bin Sultan, who is regarded as one of the main supporters of the terrorist forces on Syrian soil as well as one of their major arms suppliers and has recently sent new and modern missiles into the hands of the jihadist and terrorist forces in Syria, that the Saudi intelligence chief Bandar bin Sultan had underscored the necessity for Saudi Arabia to also leave the scene of the terrorist backers in terms of the Syrian war just like Qatar has left the scene of the terrorist supporters in the region.

The Saudi Prince knows on the one hand, that several sides as well as the still supported terrorist forces in Syria will trigger several problems for his small country in the Gulf in case he ends the support of these violent forces within Syria. On the other hand, Prince Bandar bin Sultan, member of the totalitarian dictatorship, some call it the House of Saud, in Saudi Arabia also knows that he has to walk out from this “with dignity” and also without the result that he will lose his face.

According to Thierry Meyssan, the Saudi Prince Bandar bin Sultan (Arabic: الأمير بندر بن سلطان بن عبدالعزيز آل سعود‎) had therefore even considered the return of Saad Hariri in Lebanon…

Meanwhile, several Russian officials have already denied the rumours about such an alleged horse trade and attempt of a bribery by the Saudi Prince Bandar bin Sultan in order to change Moscow’s stance on Syria and that Russia will decrease the support for Syrians President Bashar al-Assad and his secular government in the Syrian capital, Damascus.

However, the rumours were far-fetched by the often biased news agency Reuters and many sides knew about this fact that these rumours just cannot be true in many ways. However, some other biased news agencies were fast in spreading this rumour about the alleged deal between Bandar bin Sultan and Vladimir Putin, as usual.

Bandar bin Sultan. Photo:
Bandar bin Sultan. Photo:

Moscow has strictly refuted the claim by the external (and staged) Syrian opposition, based in Turkey, that Russia in person of its President Putin had supposedly accepted to drop the support for the Syrian people and their government under President Bashar el-Assad in Damascus in an alleged exchange for the Saudi Arabian order of weapons worth about 15 billion and the promise that the totalitarian dictatorship in Saudi Arabia will not compete with the Russian gas supply to European states.

SyriaNews had published an interesting translation about the meeting between Vladimir Putin and Saudi Prince Bandar bin Sultan in the Russian capital Moscow last week. Already some days before the published false rumours by the biased news agency of Reuters.

Further, also Thierry Meyssan has published a so-called chronicle about Russia and Saudi Arabia, which delivered a much different view on the meeting between the Russian President Putin and the Saudi intelligence chief, Bandar bin Sultan.

Finally, according to the main Russian presidential advisor, M. Ouchakov, the talks between Vladimir Putin and the main sponsor of terrorists in Syria, Saudi Prince (some say dictator) Bandar bin Sultan (Saudi Arabia is regarded internationally, even by several Western agencies, as one of the main bankroller of international religious terrorism), have never been about arrangements and horse trades, but about a different approach of both states in regards of the Syrian war and conflict and several other but linked regional developments and repercussions.

So or so, the Reuters report and the information by the so-called Syrian opposition, based in Istanbul (Turkey), that Russia will drop the still maintained support for the Syrian people due to a horse trade and bribery by Saudi Arabia was not correct and many knew about this.

In addition, Russia does not care about the support of one individual person such as the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in Damascus as they have often confirmed in statements in the recent two years.

Russia cares about own interests which are however linked to the developments of the war between the secular Syrian government, its President Bashar al-Assad, and the Syrian Arab army (SAA) against the foreign-backed terrorist and jihadist forces.

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