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U.S. Senators urge Egypt to prevent a Civil War

Egypt & Qatar: Loans for the Egyptian pharao.

American Senators McCain and Graham deceive again about Egypt.

The both American Senators, Lindsey Graham and John McCain, who is already famous for his partly silly statements about foreign countries, have urged the leaders of the Egyptian military in the capital Cairo to act immediately in order to prevent a civil war in the North African country while it is a fact that the U.S. administration in Washington is not innocent at the current situation and violence in Egypt.

In addition, John McCain as well as Lindsey Graham have supported both the military coup against the former U.S.-supported Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi. Same applies for the totalitarian dictatorship in Saudi Arabia that has tried to get rid of the member of the Muslim Brotherhood, Mohamed Morsi, since some months.

For the violence and dead in the streets of Cairo (and other regions of Egypt) are many sides guilty and some still try to wash their hands in innocence just as John McCain, U.S. President Barack Obama, or the hypocritical leaders of the dangerous and not moderate Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.

The Muslim Brotherhood is an Islamist organization, which is meddling in politics to gain worldly benefits since its founding while they dazzle the in its majority very religious Egyptian people with hypocritical religious babbling.

Now, both American Senators Lindsey Graham and John McCain have warned about the possibility of a real civil war in Egypt and they urged the military leaders in Cairo to do everything possible immediately to prevent a civil war in Egypt. Both just missed it to also urge the Muslim Brotherhood, which is wilfully triggering the violent outbursts at protests and other events, as usual.

Same happened already while the “Egyptian revolution” (some still call it Arab Spring), when Barack Obama has been in bed with the Islamist Muslim Brotherhood and the Western mass media had concealed specific information and events.

There’s a sucker born every minute in the West, and the Egyptian youth as well as the students, mainly in Cairo, were betrayed by all sides since many years. Beside John McCain, Lindsay Graham, the Muslim Brotherhood, and the totalitarian dictatorship in Saudi Arabia, there are further sides responsible for the violence and dead in Egyptian streets, of course.

Several European governments are neither innocent at this violence nor uninterested to gain some benefits in Egypt. The usual European governments have invested many billions of Euros in Egypt already in recent years, and they sure would not have invested so much Euros in the times of a financial crisis, which is still circling at the European sky, without to get back more than they have invested. Not in the next years, but in a foreseeable future.

That the Zionist warmongers of the Washington Post have published the statements and story about the approaching civil war in Egypt, including the warnings of the both American senators Lindsay Graham and John McCain, comes as no surprise.

The both Republican senators, Lindsey Graham and John McCain, have published their op-ed disinformation in the Washington Post and blabber that they have met with all the leaders in Egypt, including the Egyptian army, Muslim Brotherhood, civil society, political parties, and the Egyptian civilian government, and that they are now convinced after all their meetings in the North African country that the ” time is quickly running out to resolve this crisis.”

However, both Republican liars also stated in the Washington Post that there is still a small chance for Egypt to prevent a civil war on its soil if “Egyptians of goodwill come together for the sake of their country.”

Egyptian Military

Others would think there would have been a good chance for Egypt if the United States would have never tried to implement some “Arab springs and Proxy Presidents”. Both U.S. senators also called Egypt the “heart of the Arab world” and thus, either confirm their dumbness or just use it for propaganda purposes to influence the Egyptian society. Egypt is a lot of things but certainly not the heart of the Arab world.

In the end, a civil war in Egypt is, although the majority civilians in the country sides are very religious and partly “hard-core Brothers” due to a bad education and the continuously perpetrated brainwashing, is a possible development but not really oncoming. The both Republican senators have other reasons for the published op-ed (BS) in the Washington Post. Washington supports the Egyptian military and has supported the military overthrow of the Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi. Of course, Obama is not interested in an ongoing violent situation in Egypt and the United States currently try to appease all three or even four sides.

The Egyptian military that wants new jet fighters to play with. The Israeli regime that is not interested in an Egyptian army with new F-16 jet fighters. The Muslim Brotherhood that feels betrayed but has betrayed Washington first; and the totalitarian dictatorship of Saudi Arabia that is useful for the petrol dollars.

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