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NSA surveillance Priority List: Iran, Russia, China, and Europe

Espionage Germany / NSA

Iran, Russia, China – main targets of NSA according to the leaked surveillance priority list.

Europe is alongside other countries such as Iran, China, and Europe at the top of the so-called NSA surveillance priority list, and thus, the U.S. intelligence has a very high interest in the monitoring and observation of European states as well as in Iran, China, and Russia. However, the top priority targets of the NSA surveillance priority list come as no surprise.

The most have certainly known that the NSA as well as other U.S. intelligence agencies are mainly interested in China, Russia, and Iran. Only Europe seems to be a bit surprising but here, the simple sentence serves enough as explanation – if one wants to maintain control about areas, you have to observe their acts and act accordingly to the developments and their actions.

In addition, not all European states are so much influenced by American political intent such like Germany. Keep control by observing the governments as well as the events in the societies / monitor the civilians and influence their stances accordingly to own interests.
According to a document, which has been leaked by the alleged whistleblower Edward Snowden and published by the German magazine “Der Spiegel”, the mentioned states such as China, Iran, Russia, and Europe are on the top of the NSA’s spying priority list. As stated, every mentioned state beside Europe comes as no surprise.

The classified document from Edward Snowden and published by “The Spiegel” weekly, is dated April 2013. In this new and interesting classified document, the different countries are assigned to levels of interest by the NSA surveillance from 1 to 5 – 1 marks the top priority while 5 are the most boring states for the NSA.

So, Russia, Iran, China, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and North Korea are marked with a 1, and thus, the top surveillance targets of the NSA. All mentioned states are no surprise at all in regards of the NSA and Washington’s interests in general. In addition, also the European Union (EU) as a whole is a high ranking surveillance target of the NSA, and thus, Germany, France, Italy and other European countries might be among the top surveillance targets of the NSA surveillance- and monitoring program. However, this is not completely true.

Of course, the NSA makes a difference between European states such like France and Germany compared to European states such as Finland, Denmark, and Croatia. In addition, in countries, which one has either already the full control or which are completely irrelevant and unrelated, you do not need to invest any resources.

Thus, it seems the intentions and voices of Croatia, Denmark, and Finland, which represent the most boring and very irrelevant states in regards of the data gathering of the NSA just do not count. As a Croatian citizen, I would not know whether I should be happy or pissed about this rating by the NSA for my state and government. At least, I would raise some questions in direction of my government.

Espionage Germany / NSA
Espionage Germany / NSA

NSA Surveillance Priority List: Europe

No surprise are the states of the “mid-level interest” by the NSA surveillance program and on the leaked priority list of this intelligence service. Among the “mid-level interest” of the NSA surveillance priority list are European states such as France and Germany. They got the mid-level rating because they are partly under control, as mentioned.

Only in case the citizens would learn more about all these programs and monitoring as well as about the control of several powers above their governments, then these states would might be able to climb up to top priority targets. However, in general, the situation in both states is not threatening the Zionists or Washington as well as long the situation in these countries (and others) bear no threat for the important and powerful companies in front and behind the curtains.

The leaked classified document, dated April 2013, also includes information on what regions of interests are mainly observed by the NSA projects. The German magazine (weekly) “Der Spiegel” has published the leaked classified document yesterday. Of course, the article by “Der Spiegel” is focused on Germany as one of the priorities of the NSA spying agency and tries to present the interests of the NSA in Germany as well as the methods of the NSA in order to monitor and observer the German nation.

However, the editorial offices of this German magazine “Der Spiegel” is partly not only influenced but also biased and their coverage of many (mainly foreign) events in recent years have already confirmed that the reporting of “Der Spiegel” is no more credible. Thus, it does not matter what kind of stories are covered by this German magazine, one should question all their reports. In addition, and especially in terms of the usual structure in Germany, the leading party of Germany (leading parties) are not able to do anything without the situation that the opposition parties learn about these acts, too.

Therefore, the recent criticism by the opposition leaders in direction of the heads of the state and in regards to PRISM, the NSA, and other surveillance programs and the “spying” of the own foreign intelligence service (BND / Bundesnachrichtendienst) are just – hypocritical. It is a staged show for the masses in Germany and Europe.

The top ranking regions and countries that are marked with a “3” on the priority list of the NSA in terms of monitoring and surveillance are areas, which are important for the foreign policy and economy of the United States. Regions marked with a “4” on this leaked classified document got their ranking due to arms exports, advanced conventional weapons, international trade and new technology.

According to Russia Today (RT), when it comes to the entire European Union (EU), the spheres of interest are almost identical and this is certainly correct.

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  1. madu collins

    i belive that spying is an intergral part of the human society. from the most minute level, which is the family, husbands want to know where there wifes are and the reverse, children are intrestest in perents and fellow siblings. neibour to neibours, state to state and country to country. the main question is what is been done with the information.


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