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Egyptian Brotherhood and Washington: Fraternal Strife

Egypt & Qatar: Loans for the Egyptian pharao.

Muslim Brotherhood vs. formerly backers in Washington.

U.S. Secretary of State, John Kerry, has in principle (at least subtly) confirmed, that Washington was involved in the military coup against the Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi by the Egyptian army. In addition to the totalitarian dictatorship in Saudi Arabia, of course.

Well, while one should view these events in Egypt under the consideration of the last “leak about Jeffrey Feltman” (Wikipedia / -> this more interesting in terms of Feltman) from Beirut, Lebanon, it seems clear that the Egyptian branch of the Muslim Brotherhood, the main line of this not-so-moderate organisation, has not complied with the deal with the U.S. administration that were finalized before the beginning of the so-called “Egyptian revolution” / “Arab Spring” in Egypt – or better say, “Arab Spring” in Cairo. This became obvious already some months ago and not only by the published mentioned leak of Jeffrey Feltman’s visit in Beirut.

It is already known in secret service circles that there were several arrangements between the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood and the U.S. administration in Washington in advance of the famous speech of U.S. President Barack Obama at the University in Cairo.

While Barack Obama visited the Egyptian capital for his speech at the University in front of many Egyptian students, the last arrangements between both sides were finalized. Under consideration of the then following events in the North African country and especially in its capital, Cairo, one can rate this famous speech of Barack Obama as a broad hint for these events. Secret service circles also knew since months that the Egyptian Brotherhood did not adhere to these arrangements, at least, not to all because of the typical habits of this partly dangerous organisation.

The heads of the Muslim Brotherhood, using religious terms and propaganda to achieve worldly goals since many years, were finally interested in more power and influence (not only in Egypt) than they were allowed to. Nothing really surprising.

As stated, it is the typical habit and course of the Muslim Brotherhood, especially of its main branch in Egypt. In consideration of this known factor, it is either amusing or sad that the U.S. government and their advisors thought they could trust in such arrangements with the Egyptian Brotherhood. Of course, it is further sad that Washington still loves to play such games with other states and governments, while the masterminds in the United States also just are in a genuine concern over their benefits and shares.

Well, after U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry made these remarks about the military overthrow of the Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi (member of the Muslim Brotherhood and once has been called a moderate Islamist or even a democrat by Western media) in Islamabad, Pakistan, this week, it was already to expect that both important sides in Egypt will react to these statements by John Kerry publicly.

Washington rejects to call the overthrow of Mohamed Morsi a coup and the U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry even stated that millions of Egyptians were afraid of the future of the country and Egyptian economy with such a person as Mohamed Morsi at the top of the North African state.

While others so or so were very sceptical about a country, led by the Egyptian Brotherhood, despite the useful media propaganda within Egypt as well as in the Western newspapers and media, one could think that Mohamed Morsi has been democratically elected and that Washington stated the same stuff about the elections – and thus, it seems a bit schizophrenic now when the U.S. administration changed the sides they back in Egypt.

Of course, the most Western people will either not really care because it is just an “Arab country” or they do not begin to ask interesting questions due to the maintained propaganda in Western media, which has also changed its tone a bit now.

However, coming back to the two sides in Egypt. The Egyptian army is not happy about the current relations with the United States because the chiefs of the Egyptian military want some more modern and new weapons – something like modern jet fighters to play with.

Of course, such intentions by the Egyptian military are seen a bit sceptical by the Israeli regime and nobody should forget about the defence pact between the Egyptian army and Syria. And the Egyptian military has recently again confirmed that this specific defence pact with Syria is still unimpaired from all other current events. Last year, the Egyptian army has stated that they will defend Syria in case of a foreign attack against the Arab nation. Well, I should keep to the point. Sorry.

The heads of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt have meanwhile stated that Washington has been involved in the military coup that ousted the President Mohamed Morsi. Of course, the military overthrow of Egyptian President and “Brother”, Mohamed Morsi, was a good thing. Mohamed Morsi was neither a democrat nor a moderate Islamist. In addition, he was even no benefit – neither for Egypt nor for the majority of the Egyptian people after the so-called (made possible by foreign instigators) “Egyptian revolution”. Others might call it “Arab spring” – it is finally the same BS.

The Egyptian youth and especially the students of the North African country were betrayed by all sides – in advance and after the so-called “revolution in Egypt”. Nothing has changed until now.

Mohamed al-Boltaji, a senior Egyptian Brother (Muslim Brotherhood) said in a statement now that the recent remarks by John Kerry, U.S. Secretary of State, which have confirmed the U.S. support for the Egyptian military and especially for the military coup against the Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi, came without a surprise and al-Boltaji went further and stated that the U.S. administration had a major role in the “military coup” against his bearded Brother, Morsi.

As reported at the beginning of this week, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry visited Pakistan (Islamabad) and made this probably in some years famous remarks (and thus, the confirmation under the hood) that the Egyptian military acted at the request of millions of Egyptians in order to “restore democracy.”

Thus, some might now believe that an established interim government, set up by an army of a country after a coup d’état would be a good step into a democratic future of the country. At least, for the leadership in the United States. However, of course – but only in case when the administration in Washington is involved in such a coup d’état against the former (first submissive then suddenly rebellious) proxy regime. So, it is just good in case it follows the plans and aims of the United States.

According to the remarks by the U.S. Secretary of State, John Kerry, who made these statements in terms of Egypt in Pakistan as the spokesperson of Washington, the Egyptian army was asked to intervene by millions of millions of Egyptians because all these millions of millions of Egyptians (some might wonder how many of them have voted for Mohamed Morsi..) were “afraid of a decent into chaos.”

Although, Egypt is already in chaos – since the first direct meddling of the United States some years ago. However, not such a foreign instigated “chaos and bloodshed” as it is the situation on Syrian soil – with thanks to “Clintonians” and all the other important officials, including Obama, from the United States.

Egypt - It could be so beautiful..
Egypt – It could be so beautiful..

Well, John Kerry defended the military coup by the Egyptian army against the former beloved Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi and this without calling the military ouster of Mohamed Morsi a “coup” because the Egyptian army has just acted in the sense of millions and millions Egyptians and the army of the North African country would neither act subordinated to Washington nor carry out a military coup against a President in Egypt, which was welcomed by the international media and Washington once as the first democratically elected president of the North African state.

Again, BS – because parts of the Egyptian army are on the payroll of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). Several Western media outlets have made the mistake to still call him the first democratically elected president of Egypt last week. They will probably change the term a bit next week.

In addition, Essam el-Erian, another hypocritical senior member of the Egyptian Brotherhood made the funny statement that he would be very very surprised to experience that John Kerry, an official of the United States, and who claims to be an advocate of human rights and democracy, has made such statements about the clear military coup against Mohamed Morsi.

Of course, after the last weeks and under consideration of the events in and around Egypt since years, it is the situation that the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood is very pissed and feels betrayed by Washington. Although, they have betrayed Washington first. In a case if they would not have betrayed Washington, Mohamed Morsi still would be in office and he would still enjoy the weekly cut back of his beard.

The current violence due to the protests, reactions, but also due to the intentions of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt are a pain for the Egyptians and the country itself. The Egyptian military has partly no other chance to react different and the Muslim Brotherhood is doing the same since the Ikhwan (MB) appeared on the scene in Egypt in 1928. The Muslim Brotherhood has always been more political and worldly than they pretend to be. They have used religious terms and alleged aims in order to increase the support by the partly very religious society in Egypt and later in other countries.

In addition, the Muslim Brotherhood was dangerous already from the first day of its founding. The Ikhwan betray the very religious people since many years, while they enrich themselves and try to gain more power – not only in Egypt.

What are we able to learn from the current events? Hafez al-Assad was right. Let’s leave it at that – for the moment.

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  1. Arklight

    Politicians and diplomats are not, usually, very bright; they tend to fall for lines of BS that would, in a real life look over, fly like a lead balloon. We all remember that when Obama met the Grand Mufti in Cairo, Obama made a dive for the Mufti’s crotch – – not a unique incident by any means, since he does that also with any head of State that Obama thinks either has an advantage over the US, or that Obama hopes he can swindle, against that head of State’s own national interests. He did not do that with President Mubarek, nor President Putin, neither of whom would listen to Obama’s bombast and drivel. Had Obama made his trademark obeisance to Mubarek, I personally believe that President Mubarek would have had the grace and class to be embarrassed for Obama’s debasement of himself and his country; President Putin, I think, was relishing the moment when he might be presented with an opportunity to bring up his knee, sharply and with force, breaking Obama’s nose, several of his teeth, and blacking both his eyes. I’d have bought a ticket to see that.

    Back to Kerry and Egypt. I think that the puppet master running DC and London have finally figured out that by unleashing Al Qaida and Muslim Brotherhood, they have loosed forces which they can neither control nor direct. President Mubarek, President Hussein and Colonel Gaddafi all understood that the only safe place to keep any member of either Al Qaida or MB was in his grave – – all did everything in their power to put as many of them there as possible. Before the second Gulf War there were no living members of either Al Qaida or MB in Iraq, and both Egypt and Libya were doing their best to exterminate them, with Syria not far behind; for that reason alone, all four countries were ‘ruled by ruthless despots and dictators’, never mind that all four countries were stable, secular and successful countries. I make no claims that any of the four heads of State were angels, nice guys, nor socially acceptable, but they knew who the enemy was, and set about confounding him at every possible occasion, by means of a bullet in the ear, preferably. Al Qaida is a creature of CIA and was wholly owned by it, funded by it and controlled by it. I don’t think that’s true any more. I think that now Al Qaida is funded, armed, trained and directed by every douche bag cleric and his flock who have some delusions of their own earthly reward if Al Qaida projects succeed, knowing that they risk nothing themselves. CIA money and weapons are, of course, welcome, but not any restraints or instructions. MB? Hm. Maybe at one time there was some religious basis to them, but I don’t think so any more. I think religion is presented as the perfect swindle to draw in the sort of people who should be shut away in dungeons, or just shot out of hand. I think that the promise of a platoon of perpetual virgins is more of a draw than anything, but I don’t know why. Virgins are SO overrated.

    The Egyptian Army? Gee, did anyone consider that they may be serious about honoring their oaths? Any nation’s military is more apt to actually be men (and’or women of honor) than anyone else in national service. To politicians, honor is, mostly, a matter of convenience like – – well, truth, justice, marital fidelity, diet restriction and, well, you get the idea. I know that when I enlisted in the Marine Corps all those years ago, the oath began, ‘I, (state your name), do solemnly swear that I will protect and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, both foreign and domestic, and that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same.’ It goes on from there, but there is no mention of government, nor any politician by name or office, and ends ‘I take this oath without mental reservation, or purpose of evasion, so help me God.’ Does the Egyptian military use a similar oath? probably, and they almost certainly understand, as do I, that to break an oath sworn while invoking the name of God is a mortal sin. I think that soldiers, more than anyone, are more constantly aware of their mortality and the brevity of life, and should a mischance occur, wish to go to their God clean.

    Note to SAA and NDF; get on with the rat killin’. Good hunting.

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