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Syria Officially Asks Russia Aid to Combat Terror

Russian President Vladimir Putin (left) and Syrian President Dr. Bashar Assad

Syrian President Dr. Bashar Assad sent a letter to the Russian President Vladimir Putin calling on Russia to provide air support to Syrian Armed Forces in its war against terror caused by ISIS and other terrorist groups.

Syrian presidency source confirming the request letter did not specify the date of the letter, however, though late more than 4.5 years, this would help the Syrian state in its struggle against western and regional sponsored terror.

Russian President Vladimir Putin (left) and Syrian President Dr. Bashar Assad
Russian President Vladimir Putin (left) and Syrian President Dr. Bashar Assad


Syrian minister of foreign affairs Walid Moallem noted few days ago to the contribution of Russian airforce that would turn the table against terror and its sponsors. Terrorist groups like ISIS (ISIL, IS) which emerged in Iraq after the US led invasion in 2003, and alQaeda Levant aka Nusra Front and their derivatives operating previously under the FSA umbrella have grown enormously no thanks to the full sponsorship of the western countries and their regional puppets namely Turkey, Israel, Saudi and Qatar, among other countries they managed to bribe or threat.

Destroying a country and effecting regime change under the guise of spreading democracy using covert black ops is not only a violation to the sovereignty of the targeted country, a crime against its people and a blatant breaching of international law, but also creates a never ending threat posed by extremist groups that would require decades to eliminate.

Russia was reluctant in giving their Syrian allies, their only reliable allies outside the former Soviet Union countries, any advanced weapons that would make a substantial difference in the war against terror due to small and shortsighted calculations especially not to upset Russia’s economic allies in Turkey and Israel.

The reluctance of Russians in aiding Syria properly and the shortsighted strategy of trying to rely on economic cooperation with Syria’s enemy states has led the terror to become a global threat that will first harm the Russians themselves and the Iranians before beating back at their Zionist masters in Europe and the USA.

We hope the latest Russian aid will be sincere and would see the reality that Syrians are paying alone the highest hefty price on behalf of the whole world in combating terror and we hope this aid would play as a preventive measure against Turkish and others lunatic adventures in Syria. Turkish president Erdogan dream of becoming a caliphate on Mullims in the East based on NATO doctrine will evaporate now especially he has betrayed his own promises to the Russian leadership.

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